Afterlife Saga by Stephanie Hudson

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Book 1- Afterlife 

afterlife saga book oneAfterlife… just some gothic nightclub where gossip is fuelled by the presence of a rich and unearthly, handsome family or Afterlife…the strange place where time seems to stand still and guests feel the presence of something more powerful held within the confines of the VIP.

Keira is new to this small, cold town and is running from a past that seems to feast on her darkest memories. She finds living with her sister away from English soil to be just the ticket to the new life she is trying desperately to find. So when the offer of a job at the infamous Gothic nightclub Afterlife comes along she thinks that lady luck has finally found her. That is until its seductively dark and forbidding owner Dominic Draven sets eyes on her. All at once she is captivated and plunged into a world she never knew existed but the deeper her obsession with Draven becomes, the harder it is to decide…should she stay and continue to work within the shadows of the supernatural or should she run from a madness she thinks may consume her?

Warning: This book not only has sexual content but is amazingly addictive, with its dark mystery, haunting horror, seductive twists and one sexy dark lord that has the reader drooling every time the name Draven appears on the page!

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About the author:

Stephanie Hudson has dreamed of being a writer ever since her obsession with reading books at an early age. What first became a quest to overcome the boundaries set against her in the form of dyslexia has turned into a life's dream. She first started writing in the form of poetry and soon found a taste for horror and romance. Afterlife is her first book in the series of seven, with the story of Keira and Draven becoming ever more complicated in a world that sets them miles apart.

When not writing, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her very supportive family and friends, playing with her dopey deer hound Milo, who has a fondness for eating tennis balls, chatting for hours with her biggest fan, her sister Cathy who is utterly obsessed with one gorgeous Dominic Draven. But of course most of all she loves being with her 2year old daughter Ava and spending as much time with her wonderful husband Rob, who is her real life hero, one that swaps his shining armour for jeans and comic book t-shirts.

Stephanie is currently working on book 5 in the saga and is intending for its release to be winter 2014!

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Excerpt from book 1 – Afterlife

With the crowd parting in front of us, we would now have a clear view of the Dravens, almost like being in front of the stage at a concert. RJ gasped in delight and Lanie sighed with content. I on the other hand, had stopped breathing.

Because there in front of me was Dominic Draven.

I was like a small, helpless woodland animal caught in the sights of wild prey. I knew it was dangerous but still I had to look. I tried to tear my eyes away from the most perfect being I had ever seen. And Holy shit! This man was incredible. He was just too perfect, like a Greek god sent to torture me for my sins. I think if Air Force One had landed on top of the building I still wouldn’t have noticed!

I was aware that I was staring and hoped that no one else noticed. Not that I think this was an issue, not with Dominic Draven around. And I could now understand what all the fuss was about. He had a magnetic pull to him, something unnatural, almost haunting but utterly mesmerising at the same time.

He was ahead of all the rest so I knew he was the one in charge. A little further back there were two men that caught my eye, one of which was gargantuan. He was a flipping giant! The crowd didn’t stare at him and it was no wonder as his face was just as intimidating as his size. He had deep coloured skin like leather that had seen too much sun over the years and it was full of what looked like potholes. Maybe from a severe case of smallpox I wondered. Of course being the size of a seven foot wrestler I doubted many questioned their origins.

The man on his other side was tall and athletic looking. With very white blonde, straight hair that you could just see under his large black hood which concealed most of his face. But I could have sworn that I noticed what looked like tattoos down one cheek. Then he came closer and it soon became hard to miss given the startling difference between the whitest skin of an albino and the ink that featured down one side. I don't know why but he reminded me of the white knight on a chess board being taken over by the opposing dark side.

Behind these men that looked like guards, were two other men, one dressed in a Japanese robe that had kind features. His raven black hair was slicked back and he had a distinct sharp point to his chin. High cheek bones matched oriental features that spoke of a nobility lacing his blood line. He stood next to another man who was all light next to his dark.

He was the most angelic of them all but had eyes that suggested otherwise. They were like black ice with a cruel harsh glint to them. His skin was almost luminescent, even in this low lighting it glowed as if he had just spent the day basking in the sun's rays. His hair was cut short creating a halo of tight golden curls, reminding me of a handsome antique doll. His face however was set in firm lines, screaming out in both arrogance and pride.

But all these were insignificant factors, shadows in the background, behind the God that stood in front of them. They moved according to the way their master moved, scanning the crowd for anything unexpected. He was slowly approaching now and looked straight on as if oblivious to everyone. All the girls (and some guys) had the same look imprinted on those eager faces. They all wanted to be seen by those seductive eyes of his, to be noticed…. Well everyone except me!

I looked down at the table now trying to resist the urge to look again, but I knew he was getting closer as I could feel my heart rate going through the roof. It was RJ that made me fail my objective.

“Oh my God, he’s looking this way!” She whispered through half closed lips. Then I did the unthinkable. I looked up, meeting black eyes that amazingly, were also staring back at me.

Arctic. Black. Consuming.

He had paused in front of our table and the bodyguards behind him looked just as confused as the rest of the spectators did. It was as if we were now the only two people in the room. We had both frozen and were using precious time to drink each other in. The feelings he invoked attacked my system, flooding me with too many new sensations to deal with. Like lightning had struck and now all I felt was electricity coursing through my body. If I thought my heart rate was going crazy before, now I thought I was going to go into a cardiac arrest! He wouldn’t move his intense stare from my face and I blushed every shade of red in the spectrum.

I could almost hear RJ hyperventilating. He looked the pinnacle of dominance, standing there with all the club's eyes behind him watching his every move. Like waiting for a mythological warrior to issue his first command to his armies. Although with his massive body, dressed in a black designer suit, he looked more like a modern version of a warrior. Maybe “commander of the night” would be more fitting. There was just something so unnerving about him…no not only unnerving but nearing unearthly. As if somehow he didn't quite belong to this world. There was something too beautiful about him to have come from this place, like no place on earth would have been special enough to create such magnificence.

The whole club seemed to be at a standstill, my heart included. It was as if he was searching for something in my eyes but then he frowned, breaking the spell and obviously coming up empty. Now his expression turned harsh and his frown deepened, pulling his eyebrows tighter together. This released his hold on me and I finally lowered my face and turned my back to him to hide my shame.


Book 2 – The Two Kings

the two kings cover smallAfter facing her nightmares head on, Keira soon finds her troubles have only just begun and if she thought mortals were dangerous then being hunted by the world’s most powerful beings will spin her further into a web of supernatural destruction.

Keira can’t help seeing the handsome man before her, she can’t help the dreams that consume her and neither can she stop him from wanting her. But the controlling man that follows her every move, isn’t the man she’s dating but the man that’s hunting her. Now it’s down to the only man with enough power to keep her safe and he doesn’t play well with others. Nor does he take kindly to people trying to take what belongs to him and Keira belongs to only one man….

Dominic Draven.

Will the fight for their love be enough to survive the new world she is forced to live in and more importantly, can she survive being with the King of the Afterlife?!

Warning: This book not only has sexual content but also two high sex drives and one possessive Alpha male used to getting his own way!

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Book 3 – The Triple Goddess 

the triple goddessKeira soon finds herself becoming a pawn in a game she could never hope to win and now the King on the board is a Vampire on a mission. With the only man to stop him miles away from the mountain prison in which she is kept, she must now choose which path to take in order to survive. With enemies at all sides closing in quick, she must tread carefully or she might find the only man to save her isn’t the White Knight she loves but the Dark King she loathes. But time with the Vampire King is dangerous and Keira soon learns that it is more than just the power of her mind she needs to keep locked but also the power of her heart…

And Lucius might just hold the key to both.

Warning : This book not only has sexual content but also a bad ass Vamp King that's into a bit more than just mortal biting!


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Book 4 – The Quarter Moon

afterlife saga the quartermoon (1)With Keira finding death on her door she is suddenly plunged into a world of the unknown and has to face it alone…or does she? Soon this new life is filled with heartache, shadowed followers and cryptic messages, that only promise to lead her deeper into world of the supernatural like never before.

For Keira, even taking a breath without the other half of her soul is painful enough. So when given the choice to either accept what life the fates have decided she live, or to force that life behind her and accept the dangerous journey ahead, the answer is easy…

She will fight to save the man she loves.

But this fight includes Heaven and Hell in search of the truth, a truth that will rather set her heart free or be destroyed on the other side.

Are the fates really to be trusted?


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Book 5 – The Pentagram Child is coming soon 2014.




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