Win A Complete Paperback Series & Ultimate Vampire Game from Author Andie M Long!

Win A Complete Paperback Series & Ultimate Vampire Game from Author Andie M Long!

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(The Paranormals Book 1)
by Andie M. Long

The first in a brand new paranormal romantic comedy series about four bandmates and their love lives by Supernatural Dating Agency author Andie M. Long.

Vampire guitarist Noah is about to face the music…

At auditions for Britain's Best New Band, things get awkward when Noah bumps into his old high school sweetheart and sassy ex. The one he dumped to form his band, The Paranormals.

Witch Stacey has never forgotten Noah’s betrayal. Determined to charm the judges with her own band and win the recording contract, it will be the perfect revenge on her ex.

But as the competition heats up, so does the chemistry between them, until one of the show's presenters going missing threatens everything.

With ghosts on the loose and bands who will stop at nothing to win, can Noah and Stacey survive the competition and claim each other's hearts? Or are they doomed to be just another cliché of Hex, blood, rock and roll?

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Excerpt from Hex Factor:

“You're good enough to go through.” Bill said. “Make up will change your image a little before you come back on. Also, I'm going to suggest a name change, nothing much different, just taking the ‘not' out. You'll agree.” He scratched at his chin. “You know Paradise City?”

We nodded.

“You'll do that first but not well. I'll stop the process and ask if you have anything else. Then you'll blow the roof off with Wildest Dreams. Okay, thanks.”

And that was it. Clipboard guy took us back off stage and through to meet the team from make-up and hair.

“Right, I'll leave you here. Congrats, guys.” He said and with that he was on his way.

We all stared at each other speechless.

“What just happened?” Rex eventually muttered.

“I think we just got to see a glimpse of what really happens behind the scenes of a TV Talent Show.” Roman sighed. “No one said the path to the top was paved with gold.”

Hair and make-up parted Rex's hair down the middle so he had curtains. I could see that after this he was going to have to let off some major energy and probably hunt because I just knew that deep inside his wolf was growling for permission to take the hair stylist guy's head off. Zak's was crimped, and mine was gelled so much it looked greasy. They put clear round glasses on Roman, making him look like Harry Potter's older brother and then finally they dressed us in clothes that took me right back to my old days at school, pre-turning.

“We don't say a word about this. It's never, ever mentioned.” Zak glared at us all. “Not one word.”


Meet Author Andie M. Long

Andie M. Long is author of the popular Supernatural Dating Agency series amongst many others. She lives in Sheffield with her son and long-suffering partner. When not being partner, mother, or writer, she can usually be found on Facebook or walking her whippet, Bella.

Interview with Andie M. Long

Q: Hi Andie. Can your tell us a little about yourself?

AML:  Hi there. I'm Andie M. Long. I'm from Sheffield in the U.K. and I live here with my partner, son, and the most beautiful Whippet furbaby called Bella. I write paranormal romantic comedy and dark psychological suspense which is why my branding is based around angels and devils. My stories are sometimes good, sometimes evil!

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

AML:  My favourite paranormal creature is a vampire. From The Lost Boys, to Angel and Spike, Eric from True Blood, Lestat, and Damon Salvatore, my obsession with the tall, dark and fangsome has been with me a long, long time. I'm all about the brooding, the deep love and the vampire's kiss. What's not to love?

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

AML:  My new series is based around a rock band called The Paranormals and each book features one group member and their journey to love. In book one, HEX FACTOR, we meet bass guitarist Noah (a vampire) as the band enter a reality show competition. But he discovers his ex, Stacey, has entered the competition. Partly because of her music background and partly for revenge. It was so much fun to write and I hope it makes readers laugh hard!

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

AML:  Noah is suffering the effects of decisions he made as a teenager (dumping Stacey because he became a vampire and because he was sixteen—and who makes all the right choices at sixteen??) Now he's faced with his past and not wanting to screw up his relationship with the band when they have a large chance at winning the competition. The band are brothers to him, so he has tough choices ahead, because he's not over his ex.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

AML:  The main place to find me and keep up to date is my Halo and Horns Reader Group on Facebook: and my newsletter where you can get a free paranormal romantic comedy short story DATING SUCKS, which is a prequel to my Supernatural Dating Agency Series:

Thank you, Andie!

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