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Enter To Win A $5 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Copy of DAWNED by Charlene Johnson!

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(Circle of the Red Scorpion Book 5)
by Charlene Johnson

Fierce warrior, Dhampir and Pureblood royalty, Dominic Rinaldi had everything but the one thing he desired – someone to awaken his heart. For centuries, he conquered Rogues, Purebloods, and other preternatural creatures. There was always another battle to be won.

After another long hunt, he decided it was time settle down, only to be betrayed in the cruelest way by his Pureblood girlfriend.

Heartbroken, Dominic gave up on finding love until he rescued a beautiful human from a vampire he thought long dead.

Chantelle Mallory was the woman he’d been looking for. The connection between them was immediate and sizzled with heat but would she be able to accept what he was? There were things in life even love couldn’t overcome.

As Dominic struggled with his feelings for Chantelle, a new threat emerged that would shift the balance of power within the entire vampire species forever.

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Meet Paranormal Romance Author Charlene Johnson

Charlene Johnson is a romance author from Sacramento, California. She published five books, in her Paranormal Romance series – Circle of the Red Scorpion, a book in her Romantic Suspense series – Sterling Wood and a book in a multi-author series, Crimes of Passion. She also published four short stories and three poems. She is also introducing a spin-off series, Circle of the Red Scorpion World later this year.

Homecoming, Book 1 in her Sterling Wood series was named a 2020 Book Excellence Award finalist in the Romance category.

Blown Away, Book 2 in the multi-author series received a 2020 Silver Award from Literary Titan.

Books have been her passion since age nine. Being a daydreamer and an incurable romantic with a Cinderella complex, she started creating her own characters and storylines because she realized she had her own stories to tell.

Her quote – I’ve traveled the world, crossed galaxies, traveled through time and explored history on the pages of books.

Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys photography, travel, music, and Elvis.

Interview with Charlene Johnson:

Q: Hi Charlene! Can you tell us why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

CJ:  I started watching the Dark Shadows TV series with my grandmother when I was nine. I was drawn to the love story between the vampire, Barnabas Collins, and the human woman he loved, Victoria Winters. I was an incurable romantic even back then. Dark Shadows was also a book series and it was the first paranormal romance book series I read. I still have those books.

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

CJ:  Since Dark Shadows, I’ve loved all things vampire. There’s something tragic yet romantic and sexy about vampires that draws me in. Most of the books I’ve read over the years have included vampires. I especially love book series because I never want to leave their world.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

CJ:  Awakened is part of a paranormal romance book series, Circle of the Red Scorpion. The series tells the stories of a team of paranormal warriors who protect humans and paranormal beings from evil forces seen and unseen. The team members span multiple species – vampire, weres, shapeshifters, Fae, demon, demigod, warlock, and more.

After centuries of battling Rogue and Pureblood vampires, Dominic decided to settle down with the Pureblood female he loved most of his life. After she betrayed him, he gave up on finding love he until he rescues Chantelle, a beautiful human woman. He falls hard for her but feared she would not accept what he was. As Dominic struggled with his feelings for her, a new threat emerges – a vampire with a plan to dominate both Purebloods and Rogues. Dominic, his father, and the Circle of the Red Scorpion must find a way to stop him before he shifts the balance of power within the entire vampire species forever.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

CJ:  Dominic Rinaldi is fierce, incredibly sexy half-human, half-Pureblood vampire warrior.  He fights for his father, the leader of the European Pureblood vampires and is a primary member of the Circle of the Red Scorpion. He’s spent his long life being reviled by Purebloods and yearning to embrace his human side. His unwavering dedication and belief in justice for all species has dominated his life. Tired of the constant, never ending battles, he desires to find the kind of love his parents shared love but doesn’t believe he will ever find it. Until Chantelle.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

CJ:  Seeing my books in print is a dream come true. I love creating my own worlds and sharing the stories with readers. Their reactions to my stories drive me. After 30+ years working in the corporate world, I’m where I should be, doing what I love.

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