Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

Our review of Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

I usually shy away from books that include mythology and alternate universes because I have gotten very confused and frustrated in the past but N. Isabelle Blanco sucked me in from the very beginning. I read this book in one sitting! This book combined the paranormal, lots of adventure and some really steamy sex to completely enthrall me!

Ms Blanco’s characters are captivating as they struggle to come to terms with their pasts and what fate has in store for their futures! Could you walk in to a situation knowing you were to be a human sacrifice? Ismini could and with all the grace, charm and fire that I know I lack! But Ms Blanco has ingrained a deep sense of duty and dedication into all of her characters. They are faced with the really real dilemma of dealing with their wants and desires while maintaining their obligations and constantly battling their baser urges. In other words, they deal with the same crap we all do and that makes them so important to the reader that I found myself actually talking to the characters as I read the book.

Dyletri, was absolutely gorgeous, how else would we want our hero but he also had a deeper side that demanded you look into his heart. The incredible pressure he feels to finally make everything right after so long to only find out that maybe things are as they appear instantly drew me to this character.

This book also has amazing secondary characters that would not be pushed to the side! Ebesse, Ismini’s best friend was a totally cool chick! She has wit, fire and an undying love for her friend. And she and Zeniel really need to get a room! I found myself relating these characters to real people I know! To say these characters are still with me even after I finished reading the book is an understatement.

The incredible imagination that it took to write this book boggles my mind. It made it blast to read, not just a mythology class. Get this book! You will LOVE it!

Review by Julia for ILVN

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