Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

Excerpt from Blood Flows Deep in the Empire

(WARNING:  The following excerpt is sexually explicit!)

Dyletri dematerialized them.

Ismini gasped as they reappeared in an unknown room. Her legs wrapped around his waist, and his throbbing cock pressed hard against her. She wondered idly why she didn’t feel sick the way she had the last time he did that to her, but considering the way his body felt beneath hers, it kind of made sense. She was too focused on him to think about anything else.

Dyletri trembled as he held her. He sniffed her skin and licked another fiery path up her jaw.

Oh, yeah . . .

It was too much of a sensation overload for her body to pull away from. When his tongue slid into her ear, Ismini’s legs became an instant vise around him.

His breath sent shivers down her spine. Combined with the wetness of his tongue, it was too much. Ismini was on the verge of coming, her lower body throbbing so hard she was losing her touch with reality.

She managed to lower her head and bit down onto almost unbreakable flesh. Power and taste exploded inside her mouth again.

It was an orgasmic mouth fuck.

She moaned and sucked, not knowing what she was trying to do, just running on pure instinct. She held his flesh between her teeth and flicked it with her tongue.

Dyletri retaliated, his teeth pulling softly at her ear. His hands grew rough against her ass, holding her still as his hips rocked into her.

Ismini was sure he was holding back, yet it was enough to push her over the edge.

All of a sudden, she was right there.

She moaned brokenly, feeling her thighs shaking around him. “Dyletri.”

“No. Not yet,” he said, his voice forceful and rough. And most definitely split in two now.

Lifting Ismini right off him, he flashed before the huge bed and flung her onto the cloudlike mattress.

Ismini wanted to whimper and growl in frustration, but she was frozen in place as she watched him stand before the bed, his chest heaving with each breath.

Dyletri ripped off his shirt. For the first time in her short life, Ismini was rendered speechless. She had known he was built, but the definition of his muscles was awe-inspiring. She almost came at the sight of him.

The dips. The curves. The grooves and valleys of those pecs and the abs, and—

Holy shit, merciful gods of body art . . . the tattoo.

That fucking tattoo. The one that covered his entire left shoulder and swirled down toward his elbow. It was an intricate, black tribal design that looked like it had been lovingly carved into his skin.

It was beautiful. He was beautiful. Too beautiful. Too much to take in and his pants weren’t even off yet. Even worse, glancing down, Ismini could see how hard he was, how the poor material of his jeans seemed like it was hanging on for dear life as his cock throbbed behind it.

Oh Jesus.

Dyletri slowly crawled onto the bed, his pupils the only spot of color in his now white eyes. A strand of his hair fell over his brow again, making the dangerous-looking god somehow seem boyish. Ismini bit her lip, shaking so hard she was almost embarrassed. He came closer still, his shoulders tensing and releasing as he moved toward her.

“Come here.” Dyletri growled, his hands latching on to the waistband of her pants.

Ismini’s head fell back as he dragged her body down the bed and pulled her under him. Her legs opened instinctively, making room for him. Dyletri stopped all movement as soon as he had her where he wanted her. He cupped her face, his gaze locked on hers.

“You’re so beautiful, girl. Just looking at you drives me wild.”

That new, demonic half of his voice had to be the sexiest thing she had ever heard.

His words were even more so.

Dyletri’s expression made her arch into him, made her want to believe him. His thumb caressed her lips, and before Ismini realized it, she was once again moving on instinct. She opened her mouth and tilted her head, sucking the digit right in. A shock of power shot into her mouth, almost as if she’d put her tongue into an electrical socket.

Ismini loved every bit of it. She sighed around his thumb, sucking it deeper.

Dyletri moaned, baring his teeth. She bit down on his flesh, her stare locked on his large canines.

She had no right to his blood, but Ismini wanted it inside her. That should have scared her. In reality, Ismini was too far gone for that shit. Fear had no place inside her. Only need and hunger.

And insanity.

Because that’s what he brought out in her.

His thumb slipped out of her mouth, and she pouted, a hungry mewl leaving her. Dyletri cupped her face, lifting her head and lowering himself onto her.

His lips stopped a mere breath away from hers, his exhalations leaking in between her lips and sliding over her tongue. Ismini froze, realizing what he intended. And knowing damned well that she had no experience when it came to kissing.

Dyletri sensed her hesitation, and he stopped, as well. Every inch of that big, hard body was touching her. He was breathing hard, and his brow furrowed as he stared at her. She could see that he was confused, that he was wondering why she’d stopped.

In that moment she wanted to kick herself for being such an idiot. She was afraid that what she was about to say would turn him off.

“I—I’ve never . . . I don’t know how,” she whispered, dropping her gaze to his lips. She couldn’t stand to see the reality seep back into his face.

But Dyletri surprised her. As he lowered his head, he held hers still, and he placed a gentle but intensity-filled kiss to her cheek. A spark of energy pulsed through every cell of her skin.

“I know,” he murmured, placing another kiss closer to her mouth. And another. And yet another. “I’m dying to be the first one to show you . . .dying to be the first one to taste you. To take you.”

He thrust against her as he spoke, licking the corner of her lips when he talked about tasting her.

Her mouth fell open, and she moaned. “Dyletri.”

His lips landed on hers, and a groan escaped him, the sound hitting her straight on. She wasn’t sure who opened first, but it was definitely she who sucked in his bottom lip, pulling it between her teeth. With heavy-lidded eyes, she watched his lip curl. Another growl left him, and his incisors grew even longer.

Then his fingers on her jaw became almost brutal, forcing her open, holding her still even though all she wanted to do was attack him. The urge grew when his tongue slid in, moving against hers. It was hotter than any other part of him. Sinuous and sinful in every way.

All lingering uncertainty flew right out the window. Their breaths and moans mixed as her tongue connected with his.

Amazing. He was fucking amazing, and the way his tongue tasted was nothing short of sexual. She’d never had sex, of course, but her body knew that was what he tasted like. Ismini swirled her tongue around his, opening her mouth further for him and tilting her head.

Dyletri thrust against her, over and over, his dick pressed right where she needed it. His tongue mimicked the movement of his hips, making her tighten her legs around him and pull him close.

Every moan out of his mouth was like a bolt straight between her legs. Every rock of his hips was answered by one of her own. Her hands traced every muscle on his back, fondled every ridge.

So much power.

She could feel him holding back. She knew it was probably because she was human and he had the power to break her and yet, she wanted him to. She needed him to. She was dying for him to just slam into her with everything he had until there was nothing left of her.

Dyletri pulled his head back, one elongated tooth stinging Ismini’s lower lip as he gave her a gentle bite. She cried out, the thought of him tasting her blood sending her into a frenzy.

It was an instant deluge. She began thrusting against him, her nails digging into unyielding flesh. Her moans escalated. Her orgasm was right there and already washing over her.

Until he pulled away. Again.

A growl rumbled behind her words, warping her voice. “Dyletri.” He laughed darkly, looking way too amused for her liking. “I swear to fucking God—”

He grabbed on to the waistband of her pants, his fingers harsh. “I am your fucking god!” Oh . . . oh my . . .

“You’re not coming until I let you to, got it?”


Emma Edwards

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