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Win A $20 Amazon Gift Card From Urban Fantasy Author Jessica Wayne!

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(Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 1)
by Jessica Wayne

Vampires are vengeful bastards.

Detective Rainey Astor walks a dangerous line between the human and supernatural worlds. As a vampire hunter, she’s a formidable opponent, having killed hundreds of their kind. Yet, when her latest foray into the supernatural world goes terribly wrong, she finds herself rescued by the very creature she’s vowed to kill.

Elijah Hawthorne is unlike any vampire Rainey has ever met. His sexy as hell exterior hides a tortured soul seeking redemption. Rainey knows she should avoid him at all costs, but fate has other plans. Together, they’re forced down a twisted path of ancient revenge and tainted love.

With Elijah guarding her back, Rainey must protect her heart, because giving in could mean a death sentence for them both. But if they don’t discover the hidden identity of their enemy before the clock runs out, she’s as good as dead anyway. 
Fans of J.R. Ward’s Black DaggerBrotherhood, Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild, L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, orthe TV show The Originals, will devour this brand new trilogy.

Grab your copy of Blood Hunt andstart this addicting Vampire Paranormal Romance today! But be warned, thisromance comes with a bite.

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Excerpt from Blood Hunt:

“Are you all right?”

         “My head hurts. Had my jaw shattered today.”

         Anger burns inside me, a slow and steady fire being stoked each time she’s injured. I know there’s nothing I can do to change the past, and even as much as I want to go back and kill the assholes all over again…unfortunately, it’s not possible.

         So, I do what I can to help. Reaching over, I set her phone down on the nightstand and stand in front of her. “May I help you?”

         Rainey moves her hand to peer up at me in the dark. “Help with what?”

         “Your headache.”

         “And how are you planning on doing that?”

         “Fuck, Rainey. Haven’t we established I mean you no harm?”

         “You’ll excuse my hesitation seeing as how every vampire in the city seems to want me dead.”

         “The world,” I clarify. “If Day Walkers are here, that must mean you’ve caught the attention of the Council.”

         “Well, isn’t that peachy? They’re taking notice.”

         “They are. Now, can I help you?”

         Rainey sits up and nods slightly. I strip off my jacket and undo the cuffs of my shirt, rolling the sleeves up and climbing onto her mattress. I lean back against her headboard and stretch my legs out. “Come here.”

She raises an eyebrow. “What are you getting at?”

“For fuck’s sake, Rainey, I’m not going to eat you.”

“It’s not eating I’m worried about.” She stares at me, and I groan.  

“I’m not going to try and fuck you either.”

She swallows hard, her pulse increasing, and I wonder if she realizes the intense arousal she’s putting off because my fucking body sure does. Finally, she climbs up further and turns, sliding back between my legs, stiff as a statue.

         “You need to relax,” I tell her as I reach up and run my fingers down the back of her neck. Slowly, I brush her hair to the side.

         “That’s easier said than done.”

         “This won’t work unless you do.”

         She reaches over beside us, slipping her hand beneath the pillow and leaving it there. I know what she’s grabbed, and while I don’t blame her, I hate that she still doesn’t trust me.

         I need her to trust me. And not just because of what we may be facing. But for my own sanity as well.

         One hand drops lower on her back, applying firm pressure to the center of her spine. With my other hand, I cup the back of her neck, pressing the tips of my fingers at the joints of her jaw. My hand is large enough that I can reach both at the same time, so I begin to knead the skin. Applying pressure and massaging at the same time.

         Within seconds, Rainey is relaxing into my touch. A sigh leaves her lips, a fucking aphrodisiac that goes straight to my cock. I take a deep breath, attempting to slow my already racing heart. Typically, it beats so damned fast I can barely feel it, but right now, sitting here with Rainey? It’s hammering, and I wonder if it won’t burst straight out of my ribs.

         “That feels good,” she says, leaning back into me.

         I clear my throat. “Easing some of your pain?”

         “Yes. All of it. How are you doing that?”

         “Pressure points. Tip your head up.” She does what I ask, putty in my hands, and I slip my hand around to the front of her throat then up over her face, applying pressure to the spots right in front of her ears. I have to move my other hand as she leans back, her body molding perfectly to my chest.

         “Your heart, it sounds different.”

         Because I’m fighting the urge to keep my promise when all I want to do is bury myself inside of you. “I’m fine.”

She arches against me, face tipped toward the ceiling so I can see her relaxed expression.

         “The pain is gone,” she slurs as she yawns. Her body took a beating today—not quite like it did in the alley but enough that she still has some healing to do. Which explains her exhaustion. But before I can move and let her get to sleep, her head lulls to the side, and she drifts, her breathing becoming steady, her heart slowing down.

         I drop my hand to her waist, draping my arm around her and leaning my head back against her headboard. I hold onto her, gripping her to my chest as though she may disappear. The feel of her pressed against me, it’s doing more to me than I could ever have imagined.

         But I won’t do shit to change it. Rainey makes me feel alive when for so long I’ve felt like the walking corpse my kind has been portrayed as in movies for decades.

And this path that led me here, to this moment, is one I will forever cherish. Even if what I’m feeling will mean a death sentence for us both.



Meet Author Jessica Wayne

Jessica Wayne is the author of over twenty fantasy and contemporary romance novels. The latter of which she writes as J.W. Ashley. During the day, she slays laundry and dishes as a homeschooling, stay at home mom of three, and at night her worlds come to life on paper.

She runs on coffee and wine (as well as the occasional whiskey!) and if you ever catch her wearing matching socks, it’s probably because she grabbed them in the dark.

She is a believer of dragons, unicorns, and the power of love, so each of her stories contain one of those elements (and in some cases all three).

You can usually find her in her Facebook group, Jessica‘s Wayne-O’s.

Interview with Jessica Wayne:

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

JW:  The ability to take a normal world and make it abnormal. I love to toss crazy scenarios at my characters, while also giving them the chance to grab a coffee (or in Rainey’s case, a bag of skittles).

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

JW:  Blood Hunt is a Vampire Diaries meets CSI (or so my ARC readers say). It follows homicide detective Rainey Astor as she discovers not only that her life is on the line, but that fulfilling her legacy just got a hell of a lot more difficult. 

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

JW:  Rainey’s love for skittles and whiskey definitely comes from me, but I wanted a character who could inspire hope from readers, and someone who was so perfectly flawed it made them want to root for her.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

JW:  Ultimately, Elijah wants the cure. He wants to be able to offer the key to freedom to anyone not wanting to be an immortal. But as the story unfolds, it becomes a lot more about what he can do to keep Rainey alive. She becomes his cure in a way.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

JW:  I am in my readers group, Jessica’s Whiskey Thieves, most of the time! ( But you can also find all of my information at

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Jessica!


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