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The Journal Of Vincent Du Maurier – K P Ambroziak 

THE JOURNAL OF VINCENT DU MAURIER FINALUp on the Esja, just north of the capital city that used to be known as Reykjavik, a hiker found this journal. He had passed the rock wasteland of Þverfellshorn and the plain of fresh snow, and had reached the grassy peak of Hábunga. As he crouched along the water that cuts through the mountain to wash the sweat from his brow, he saw it. Lodged in a crevice on the stream’s bank was a small leather-bound notebook wrapped in plastic. He picked up the treasure, threw it in his backpack, and started his trek down. With the exception of its last few missing pages, the following chronicle is the contents of that book translated in its entirety. The ink and paper have been authenticated, and we believe this journal is an original document from the period of the Red Death. 

Dagur Bijarnarson 268 P.C.E. (Post Common Era)

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Death Beckons by J C Diem

Death Beckons CoverWorking late one night, Natalie Pierce is kidnapped by a creature that looks like a harmless old man, but is something far more terrifying. Waking up in a creepy mausoleum, she is forced to endure three nights of indescribable agony. Her life is forever altered when she is transformed into a monster of myth and legend; a vampire.

Lonely and full of despair, she comes face to face with the irresistible and enigmatic Lord Lucentio. Justice bringer for the European Vampire Council, Luc has been sent to Australia to kill Natalie's maker, but someone has already beaten him to it. He quickly discovers that Nat is far from an ordinary fledgling. He suspects that she is Mortis, a figure of both hope and dread among their kind.

Natalie is propelled into a dark and mysterious underworld that takes her far away from her hometown of Brisbane. Her arrival was foretold long ago and her fate is already sealed. Nat's entire species is in danger and it is her job to save them. She desperately wants to escape from the burden that has been thrust upon her, but she is inextricably linked to a two thousand year old prophecy. An unknown enemy has begun to whittle down their already limited numbers. If Nat fails to accept her destiny, all vampires will soon cease to exist.

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Curse Of The Alpha, Episode 1 by Tasha Black

Alpha_Curse_EP1_FinalAinsley Connor has turned her back on her past. Her perfect life as a successful real estate agent in Manhattan makes her memories of growing up as the daughter of a werewolf seem like a dream. But when a tragic accident forces her back to her unusual hometown, she can't repress her inner wolf any longer. Worse, the pack needs her to settle down and pick a mate. But how can she choose when the tiny college town is full of sexy, often-shirtless shifters, all vying for her attention?

And the shifters aren't even the strangest thing about Tarker's Hollow…

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