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BLII.jpegHer life has only just begun……

Kat has spent the past two years in Europe with Nick, adapting to her new life as a vampire, but she has only begun to scratch the surface of what that life really means. Shortly after her return to the States she begins having a series of dreams…terrifying dreams that leave her filled with fear and uncertainty. However, once she is awake she is unable to recall any details; the images fading immediately from her memory.

Premonitions? That is what Nick thinks and he is determined to uncover the hidden images in her mind and discover why they leave Kat trembling. With the help of Dean and Stephan; Kat and Nick begin to unravel the mystery of her nightmares but there are still many unanswered questions….. Will they discover the secret that is buried deep within her subconscious before it’s too late?

Kat’s dreams are not the only secrets that have been locked away inside her. When a figure from her past suddenly reappears, Kat learns how to unleash dormant abilities she never knew she had and soon gains surprising new information about her lineage…and the answers to why she possesses powers that other vampires do not.

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St Charles at Dusk by Sarah M Cradit

St. Charles at Dusk (House of Crimson and Clover prequel)A father’s threats. A tragic accident. Unanswered questions. Oz Sullivan has finally moved past the tangled web surrounding his brief, but intense, relationship with the young, impetuous Adrienne Deschanel. Through his family, and successful career as an attorney, he has forged a tranquil predictability.

Then Adrienne unexpectedly emerges, with no memory of the life she once led. Her desperate attempt to flee the confusing and dark influences in the bayou instinctively propels her to the one face for which she has a name. Oz’s world is once again turned upside down, as he must decide how to help her without losing himself entirely.

Set amidst the lush and vibrant backdrop of New Orleans, St. Charles at Dusk tells the story of Oz and Adrienne; of forbidden love, and startling heartbreak.

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The Shadow and the Rose by Amanda DeWees

The Shadow and the Rose (Ash Grove Chronicles, #1)Book one of the Ash Grove Chronicles. In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens. But beneath the peaceful surface, supernatural forces are at work… 

When ordinary high-school junior Joy Sumner visits a graveyard at midnight on a dare, she doesn't expect to end up sharing a kiss with brooding teen model Tanner Lindsey. And she definitely doesn't expect to make an enemy of Tanner's seductive, sinister mentor, the ageless supermodel Melisande–who may not be entirely human–or to find that her sleepy little corner of North Carolina is buzzing with supernatural energy.

But most unexpected of all is when Joy finds out that she's pregnant. And when Tanner's love for her puts his life in danger, will she be able to rescue him–and save their future together? This captivating young adult paranormal romance will leave you eager to dive into the next volume of the Ash Grove Chronicles!

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