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Outcast by J E & J M Keep $0.99

outcastThe half–demon is trapped. 

Brutish bandits surround her, and it was only a matter of time before they snapped. 

But when a helping hand of one of her rapists is extended to her, breaking a lifetime of precedence, can she dare hope that it might mark a change in her fortunes? Or is even a minor act of kindness too good to be true?

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A Moment On The Lips by Jacqueline Sweet

A Moment on the Lips-2 (1)How far would you go for the perfect body? After answering an ad guaranteeing instant, miraculous weight loss Sarah Mayhew is pulled into a nightmare she can’t wake from. A knock at her door brings her face to face with a shadowy man who offers what she wants for a terrible price.

Sarah finds herself thrust into an erotic game where she doesn’t know the rules but the stakes are all too clear.

Will she triumph? Or will she fall prey to the demon’s seductive manipulations?

Devour is the first part of the Reluctant Succubus serial novel. It is a 7,000-word story of dark bargains, hot demon sex, and oral addictions. Recommended for adults only.



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Rae of Hope by W J May

Rae of HopeHow hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past? 

Fifteen year-old Rae Kerrigan never really knew her family's history. Her mother and father died when she was young and it is only when she accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Guilder Boarding School in England that a mysterious family secret is revealed. 

Will the sins of the father be the sins of the daughter? 

As Rae struggles with new friends, a new school and a star-struck forbidden love, she must also face the ultimate challenge: receive a tattoo on her sixteenth birthday with specific powers that may bind her to an unspeakable darkness. It's up to Rae to undo the dark evil in her family's past and have a ray of hope for her future.

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