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Win A $15 Amazon Gift Card & Free Copy of CAPTURED by Mary Auclair!

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A Rough Sci-Fi Romance
by Mary Auclair

I'm going to punish her. Then I'm going to make her mine.

This little human female thought she could attack a Drakian royal cruiser and get away with it, but I captured her, and the price she pays for her arrogance will be as humiliating as it is painful.

She will not just be punished. She will be bound to me, publicly, in the most shameful of ways. Every cry of pain, every moan of pleasure, and every scream of climax will be music to the ears of the audience as I tame my quivering, blushing captive, then make her beg to be claimed.

When I am done with her, there will be no more need for her chains. She will know she is mine.

Publisher's Note: Captured includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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Excerpt from Captured:

I move slowly out in the open, my exoskeleton instinctively re-arranging itself into long daggers at my fingertips. The scales covering my body move, following my conscious and unconscious command, stronger than any metal and yet moldable like soft silk. My exoskeleton is a marvel of evolution that made the Drakian feared as warrior throughout the Galaxies. It was also going to be the undoing of the human who had shot down my ship.

I pause just outside the pod. I can smell the human trapped in there, its blood and sweat, the acrid stench of fear overpowering. A long crack runs the length of the side of the egg-shaped carrier. It takes a surprising amount of force to pry it open, the human technology more resilient than it looks.

Finally, I tear a long gash in the black surface of the pod and discard it to the ground, then look inside. The human is hunched over, his face concealed by his posture, his body covered in a metallic fabric.

Blood trickles in a steady flow from his side, where a shard of polymeric glass is embedded, deep. I can hear the faint sound of the pilot’s breathing, its ragged, uneven rhythm. I hesitate, wondering if it wouldn’t be better to leave him to his fate. I wanted to kill him anyway, so why not let him die?

I won’t, though. I need to know how he found me, why he was there, in the furthest reaches of the Galaxy, just when I was prepared to meet with the human rebels. This is too much to be a coincidence. Someone in my clan betrayed me. Someone who needs to pay. And that human pilot is my only link to the traitor.

I pull the human from where he lays, curled up against the broken wall of the pod. He’s surprisingly light, his limbs long and fine under his uniform. I’m careful not to remove the long chard of glass from his side, knowing it could trigger a hemorrhage that I would be powerless to stop, out there so far from my ship.

As I lay the human down on the damp ground, I pull the hood of his uniform away. I want to see his face.

And stare in chock.

The pilot’s face lilt toward me, the delicate, dainty features on a skin of a light brown, glistening under the faint light. A mouth round and full parts way, lips so plump and ethereal they seem made of flower petals and not flesh. High cheekbones frame large eyes lined with heavy lashes on a face so perfectly oval it seems carved by an artist.

This human pilot, this great shot with nerves of steel is no male. This is a human female.

My body responds to the screaming beauty of her face. My stomach tightens into a painful knot as my fingers spread, kneading the soft, light flesh of her body. I pull on her hood, revealing a heavy, fragrant cover of hair that cascades down her back to her shoulders. I stare at her face, the face of my enemy, for long seconds, like under a trance. The emotions I so deftly shoved under the cold veil of battle emerge with a vindictive strength as I take in the pallor of her sumptuous brown skin, the way her plump lips are devoid of any color.

She’s a wonder, but she’s a wounded wonder. She won’t make it long unless I bring her back to my ship to heal her.

My entire body move with a single-minded urgency. Never before, not even in the midst of the bloodiest battle have I felt such an urge to save a life. This human, this female who should be my enemy.

I will save her life at all cost. This is the only thought that drives me as I run like the monster that I am through the dense forest of the uncharted planet.

She is my enemy. She is mine. She will live.


Meet Author Mary Auclair

Mary Auclair is a lover of romance novels of all genres. She likes to write everything from science fiction to fantasy, passing through paranormal and historical, but always with a dark, sexy twist. She spends too many hours to count daydreaming about adventures and hot, dominant alpha male heroes. When she’s not writing, she’s busy being a full-time mom, as well as caring for her many pets.

Interview with Mary Auclair:

Q: Hi Mary! Tell us a little about yourself.

MA:  Hello readers! My name is Mary Auclair and I am a writer of paranormal and scifi romance. I was born and raised in a small rural town in Canada. I was always an avid readers but realized I found my true calling once I read my first spicy scifi romance. I’ve been writing my personal brand of out-of-this world naughtiness ever since!

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

MA:  I’ve been drawn to the fantastic from the time I was a little child. I think I’m fascinated by the possibility to mesh the impossible and the possible into an intricate world that feels as real to me as the one I live in. Maybe I’m a dreamer!

Q: What’s your favorite type of paranormal creature and why?

MA:  It’s no secret now that my favorite type of paranormal creature is the alien. I love the creative freedom associated with aliens of all kinds, especially when it comes to my hero.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

MA:  In a bid to salvage her struggling career, fighter pilot Juliet chances a solo attack against a Drakian royal cruise ship. She wins, but not before being shot down herself. Her only chance of survival is to crash land on a nearby uncharted planet.

But soon, she realizes she’s not alone. The Drakian, too, landed on the uncharted planet and he’s looking for revenge.

Captured by her enemy, Juliet finds herself face to face with the most dangerous monster of all.


Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

MA:  Readers can follow me at:




Thanks for chatting with us, Mary!


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