Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback Copy Of Court Of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade!

Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback Copy Of Court Of Nightfall by Karpov Kinrade!

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(The Nightfall Chronicles Book 1)
By USA Today Bestselling Author Karpov Kinrade

You think you know what is right and what is wrong? Then tell me if this man should die. He is my enemy. He is to be my end.

He is the one I love.

I have spent my life in shades of grey. I have died and returned to a world of color. I have fought an Angel and lived. I have kissed the Prince of Ravens. I have faced the Lord of Night and made him kneel. I was accepted into the Four Orders, and I created the fifth. I freed the Shadow of Rome. I sat upon the Twilight Throne.

The man asks for my surrender. He asks for peace. He is too late. The girl he knew is gone, and death is in her place. I am Nightfall, and this is my story. You think you know it?

Think again.

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Excerpt from Court Of Nightfall:

Jax falls to his knees in front of me, the sword still clutched in his right hand, his jaw hard, face determined. He doesn't look shocked. He should look shocked.

“Are you okay, Scarlett?”

I don't know how to answer that. No. I'll never be okay again. But I'm alive. I'm not going to die from my injuries. That's probably what he wants to know. I give a brief nod.

He glances at my parents' bodies, but keeps his face emotionless. “Do you know where the weapon is?”

“You know about that?” I ask.

“Yes, I know about everything. There's no time to explain. We have to get out of here, but first we've got to secure the weapon.”

“It's not there,” I tell him. “It's gone.”

“Show me,” he says.

He helps me stand, and I lead him to the truck, where the crystal remains are still swimming in pools of my blood.

“We have to go,” he says after a quick examination. “Now.”

“I can't leave them.” I pull him back toward my house. “We have to get my parents.”

His eyes aren't unkind, but they hold no room for sentiment either. It’s a hardness I’ve never before seen in my best friend. “We don't have time. You're in danger. If we don't leave now, they will come back, and we'll both be dead.”

As if cued by his words, lights once again appear in the sky. I can't be responsible for another death. For another extinguished life.

We run toward my father's plane, and I try not to spare a glance at my parents' fallen forms, but I can't stop myself.

As Jax preps the plane, I look at them one last time, lying together on the cold earth, their hearts forever stopped.

I've never seen them in color while they were alive. They were always shades of grey to me. Now, in their death, I see the rich oak of my father's hair. The golden beauty of my mother's long braid. I just wish I could see their eyes. Just one last time, I wish I could look them in the eyes and tell them how much I love them.

Jax nudges me toward the plane, and I clutch the Token of Strife in my hand, relishing the pain it causes.

Their deaths will not be in vain.



Meet USA Today Bestselling Author Duo, Karpov Kinrade!

Karpov Kinrade is the pen name for the husband and wife entertainment duo Lux and Dmytry Karpov-Kinrade, aka The KK Duo.

Together, they write award-winning, internationally and USAT bestselling books, make music, create art, write screenplays and direct — all the things.

Look for more from Karpov Kinrade in the Vampire Girl series, The Nightfall Chronicles and The Forbidden Trilogy. If you’re looking for their suspense and romance titles, you’ll find those under Alex Lux.

Check out their music by clicking on the Music tab.

They live in wine country California with their three offspring who have crazy creative genius oozing out of them in the form of music, art, performance, and all the things, and too many cats who all think they rule the world (spoiler alert: they do)

Interview with Karpov Kinrade:

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