The DarqRealm Series by Chauntelle Baughman

Book 1: Magick Marked

Magik Marked-final (1)Forced into a world of ancient magick and fabled creatures, vampire Rhowen Vasile has been honored with the prestigious appointment of executioner—a promotion she never wanted. Now she has two important responsibilities: execute criminal vampires and protect her race’s Kamen, one of five ancient relics said to harness all magick in the DarqRealm.

When the Kamen Rho swore to protect goes missing, she’s assigned the most important task of her life—join an interracial team with a magick mover, a werewolf and a shape shifter to recover what’s been lost. If she fails, the executioner will become the executed, and the magick held within the relics could be lost forever.

As other Kamens start to disappear and the teammates struggle to trust one another, Rho discovers a physical bond with a powerful magick mover that shouldn’t be possible. With the survival of the entire DarqRealm compromised, she barely has time to deal with her temperamental teammates, much less a forbidden attraction. Rho and her team must put everything aside to find what they seek—before the enemy finds it first.

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Book 2: Fate Forsaken

Fate Forsaken Cover, FinalThe tables have turned for Rho Vasile, executioner for the undead. Now she’s the one marked for death. Despite her soul being stained by deadly magick, she still has a job to do for the DarqRealm United Council—work with her lover and the rest of her team to retrieve five Kamens, the ancient relics that hold the magick of their world.

With only one Kamen found and zero leads on the others, the team heads to Paris, the last known location of the magick mover’s Kamen. And when an evening of research turns into a fight for their lives, the team is confronted with a deadly truth. The leadership of the DarqRealm has been compromised.

As friends go missing, dark magick is put into play and a grave betrayal is revealed. Now with her energy waning, it’s up to Rho to use the gifts of her birthright to save her friends and her lover, or risk losing more than just her life.


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About the author: 

Chauntelle-172Chauntelle is a writer with a special love for the genres of paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She also adores musical theater, walking around barefoot, wearing scarves and eating chocolate – not necessarily in that order. When she's not busy working in the Houston oil & gas market, you find her spending time with her husband at the lake. For more updates and information on her latest releases, please visit her website at

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