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Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card & Signed Paperback Copy Of Deception by Nina Croft!

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(Dark Desires Origins Book 2)
by Nina Croft

Brave new world or the same old crap?

Warlock Milo Velazquez has always dreamed of a day when “monsters” like him don’t have to hide in the shadows. Now, on a planet far from Earth, he’s hoping the old prejudices have been left behind. Though from what he’s seen so far—not a chance.

Their new leader could make life a living hell for Milo and the other immortals illegally transported across the galaxy. Under cover, he scopes out the threat, but he never expected to find a beautiful woman locked in a cell underground. He should ignore her and focus on his mission, but instead he sets her free.

Milo has met all kinds, paranormal creatures and humans, in his centuries of life, but Destiny is like nothing he’s ever encountered before. She’s flawless, and strangely naïve, though she can spout off facts like a walking encyclopedia. He isn’t sure who—or what—she is, or why someone so innocent would be a prisoner.

All he knows is Destiny is different…and finding out why could be their only hope for survival.

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Excerpt from Deception:

She cast a sideways glance at Milo. He was so beautiful he made her chest ache. Destiny wanted him. If she had to go back, then wasn’t it only fair that she got to experience life—and love—first? Even if that love wasn’t returned. That was all she had ever really wanted. She stopped walking and turned to face him. He was watching her warily, and she gave in to temptation and reached out and stroked her finger down the scar on his cheek. Then rested her hand against his chest, feeling the thud of his heart beneath her palm.

“I’d like you to kiss me again,” she said.

His eyes narrowed. “Not a good idea.”


“Because you want more than I’m willing to give.”

“You don’t know what I want.” Anger flashed through her and then was gone. “How can you know, when I don’t know what I want?”

“Right now, you need a friend.”

“With benefits?”

He snorted. “What have you been reading?”

“It doesn’t matter.” She started walking again. “I have a feeling that things are going to go horribly wrong. I don’t know how or why, but I just want to experience as much as I can before that happens. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to fall in love with me or anything. I don’t think I’m very lovable. But would it be so hard to make love to me?”

She heard him swear under his breath and peered back at him. He was running his hands through his hair. “You deserve more.”

She stopped again and swung around to face him, hands on her hips, eyes glaring. “Why? What makes me so special? And what if I don’t want more?” She just wanted sex for goodness’ sake. Men were supposed to jump at the chance. What the hell was wrong with her? “Maybe Dylan would make love to me if I asked him nicely.”

“Don’t even go there.”

Ha. He didn’t want her, but he didn’t want anyone else to have her either. “Am I so…unappealing?”

“No.” He gritted his teeth. “I told you—I don’t do relationships.”

“And I’m not asking for one. I don’t do relationships, either. I just want sex.” Gosh, she sounded…whiny. And desperate. How to make a man run in the opposite direction. She needed to read more books.

“Jesus. I—” He paused and raised his head, his eyes narrowing. Then he moved fast, lunging for her and shoving her to the ground, landing on top of her, and then they were rolling down a short bank. They came to an abrupt stop at the bottom, with Milo on top of her.


“Shhh,” he muttered.

She listened and could hear it now, a soft whirring sound that was coming closer.

He shifted his body so he covered her completely and she closed her eyes and held her breath. She had no clue what was happening, but at least it had gotten Milo on top of her. She lay unmoving, her brain processing the feel of his hard body on hers. Burrowing her face in his shoulder, she breathed in, her nostrils filling with the hot spicy scent of him. Intoxicating. She might have swooned if she hadn’t already been flat on her back.

She wasn’t sure how long they lay there, but long after, the whirring had passed them by and faded to nothing. Milo pushed himself up on his elbows. The position brought his lower body harder against hers, and a wave of elation washed through her as she felt the hardness of his erection pressing into her thigh.

He wanted her. And he could have her. She pushed her hips against him then blinked and gazed up into his silver eyes. They narrowed on her, wandering over her face, settling on her lips, which she parted slightly.

“Fuck it,” he muttered and lowered his head and kissed her.



Meet Sci-Fi Romance Author Nina Croft

Growing up in the cold, wet, north of England, Nina Croft spent a lot of time dreaming of faraway sunnier places and ponies. When she discovered both, along with a whole load of other things, could be found between the covers of a book, her life changed forever.

Later, she headed south, picked up the perfect husband along the way, and together they volunteered to work in Africa. There they discovered a love of exotic places and a dislike of 9-5 work. Afterward they spent a number of years travelling (whenever possible) intermingled with working (whenever necessary.) Eventually they stumbled upon a remote area in the mountains of southern Spain and the small almond farm they now call home.

Nina spends her days reading, writing and riding her horse, Tizon, under the blue Spanish skies—sunshine and ponies. She reckons this is proof that dreams really can come true if you want them enough.

Nina’s writing mixes romance with elements of the paranormal and science fiction.

Interview with Nina Croft:

Q: Hi Nina. Tell us a little about yourself.

NC:  Hi All, I’m Nina Croft and I’m English, though I now live on an almond farm in the mountains of southern Spain, between the Sierra Nevada and the Mediterranean. I share the farm with my husband and a whole load of animals…two horses, three dogs, seven cats, two goats, five chickens and a three-legged Vietnamese pot-bellied house pig. I write romance in multiple sub-genres (sometimes all at once). Deception, my new release, is a mix of romance, space opera, and paranormal.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

NC:  I haven’t always wanted to be an author but became one out of necessity. A long time ago (and in a faraway place!) I was working as a volunteer, with my husband, in Zambia. We were living in a remote village on the banks of Lake Kariba working with the people who were displaced when the Kariba damn was built and their homelands flooded. It was a stunningly beautiful place but with no electricity, so no TV, and a long way from the nearest book shop or library. This was before ebooks, and I was a big reader (think a book a day.) I totally suffered from withdrawal symptoms. It eventually occurred to me that I was going to have to write my own. And I loved it. The book I wrote in that African village has never been published, but it did start me on my publishing journey.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

NC:  Deception is book 2 in my Dark Desires Origins series.

A few years ago, I wrote a book called Break Out. It’s set around 1000 years in the future, when humanity has fled a dying Earth and found a new home. Break Out follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of the crew of the spaceship, the Blood Hunter. The hero, Rico Sanchez, is the pilot, and he’s also a vampire. Break Out became the first book in my Dark Desires series. They’re my favorite books to write because I allow absolutely anything to happen. So when my publisher asked me if I’d like to write Dark Desires Origins series, set five hundred years earlier, I said—hell, yeah! The new series takes place as the last remnants of humanity first reaches their new home.  What they don’t realize, is that it wasn’t only humans who fled the dying Earth. The books explore the challenges, faced by both humans and the supernaturals, as they fight to survive, and fall in love, in this new world.

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

NC:  Destiny is one of my favorite heroines. I wanted to write about a woman who had been born on the spaceship on the journey from Earth. A woman who had been isolated from the rest of humanity and how that might affect her development and character. At the start of the book, Destiny is super bright, but very naïve. Luckily, she’s a very quick learner. The central mystery of the book is how Destiny, with Milo’s help, discovers who she is and the secrets behind her mysterious role in the new world.

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

NC:  Milo is a warlock, the offspring of a witch and a demon. He’s always dreamed of a world where the supernatural races can live out in the open, free of the old hatreds and prejudices. He’s hoping that there might be a chance, so far from Earth. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve brought the old beliefs with them to the new world, and he’s now fighting for his very right to survive.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

NC:  I get to make stuff up!

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

Thank you, Nina!


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JD Brown

J.D. Brown is the 5x award-winning author of the Ema Marx Series, the Daughter of Eve series, and the Jordan Korento series. A lover of fine cuisine, coffee, and shoes, J.D. never understood why shoe stores don’t serve Starbucks and soufflé. She resides in Illinois where she writes urban fantasy - aka vampires for adults - and has political debates with her dogs. She loves to hear from fans and is active on FaceBook Find her books on Amazon available in print, ebook, and audiobook.

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