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One of the biggest problems we keep hearing from page peeps is they can't access the TONS of free books we're sending because they don't have the right eReader… (eReader like a Kindle/Nook/Kobo)

And with the economy nobody can blame them for not wanting to plop down $200 or so on some random ebook thingy.

I mean, what if one of your favorite authors releases their new book on Nook and you just bought a Kindle?

That = Sucks.

So here's the solution (it's what I do).  Use an iPad.

With an iPad you can download every single eReader app totally free.  That way you can keep getting your Paranormal & Vampire book fix on a regular basis WITHOUT having to spend a ton of loot on 9 different reading platforms.

But hang on a sec… Doesn't the iPad cost money?

Well if you were to waltz into a store and scoop one up yes it would.  But if you were to find a legit “FREE” iPad site then it would shave off quite a bit!(Aka actually cost nothing)

So check it out, I found one that works!

Clearly you're wondering: “Is this one of those stupid things where they demand my email right off the bat and then spam me with billions of stupid E.D. cures?”

The answer is no.  They don't blow up your inbox but the process does take about 3 minutes of clicking “No Thanks” on some other you probably don't want.

Yes, I did go through the process myself the other day just to make sure it wasn't horrible.  It did take me a few minutes to go through the “No Thanks” cue but at the end of the day my inbox is still fine and it looks like everything worked.

Personally I think it's worth it to spend 3ish minutes clicking “No” to save THOUSANDS of dollars buying an iPad myself.

Heads Up: The iPad they're offering is the 3G version so it'll work on any WiFi network.  I believe they have both colors, white and black.

End Game: I personally think it's worth checking out as it can save you a TON of money and give you totally free access to Kindle, Nook, Kobo and every other eReader on the plant.

Click it here, check out the free iPad…

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