Eternal Rising by Cynthia Lee


A child born to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy…

The Council seeks to destroy her.

The Elders wish to save her.

And one man is sworn to protect her.

Auriyanna Delmar has always been a part of a world that she never knew existed. The normal life she tries to live as a dancer in New York City is often anything but. At odds with her surroundings, Auriyanna's dreams seem more real than her life ever has. After moving on from a childhood plagued with her father's drunken fits of rage, she hopes for a better life in the big city, far from her past. But something was wrong.

As she attempts to fulfill her dreams and aspirations, her past follows dangerously close behind her… Auriyanna never understood who or what she truly was until she met Damion Villarreal. Inexplicably drawn to Damion, she can no longer fight to keep the veil between her past and her present closed-and the harder she tries, the more immersed in her past she becomes. If she is indeed the key to Damion's salvation and that of his kind, then only she can save them from the monsters they proclaim themselves to be.

Some want nothing more than the bloodlust to end-for Sekhmet's curse to come to an end-but not all of them want peace…

Take a journey from the streets of New York to the great pyramids of Egypt to the forests of British Columbia to find the answers Auriyanna seeks-follow her on her perilous journey through the world of the living and that of the living dead.

Is she their salvation? And if she is, is she strong enough to survive?

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Eternal Rising is a tour de force of a modern day vampire story. Combining mythology, physics, Egyptian history with a dash of Sex in the City results in an engaging and sometimes racy read. ​

Eternal Rising takes the reader from the streets of New York to the great pyramids of Egypt to the forests of British Columbia to find the answers that Auriyanna seeks, and to resolve our own questions about loyalty and enduring love. ​

Be sure to check out this thrilling ride of a novel that takes the reader to so many different places and shows so many different sides of humanity.”​​

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The fate of our world and theirs rests in her hands. But some want her dead.

“Slowly I parted my eyelids as a gentle hand brushed a lock of my hair away from my forehead. I realized that the face I was looking into was not the emotionless face of the monster that had tried to rape and kill me. This man had a quiet calm about him, a soft look in his voltaic blue eyes that was soothing. In that moment I knew I would be okay.”

~Auriyanna Delmar

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What Readers Are Saying About Eternal Rising:


“Eternal Rising – Buy the book. One caveat – make sure that you have all of your housework/homework and anything else done that needs doing before you start reading it, because once you start you won't stop. I read the book in less than a week (okay, so I might have gotten carried away, but Auriyanna is quite an engaging character, not to mention…. well, I won't mention…) You are sure to love it!!”

“This book breathes fresh air into the very “stale” genre of vampire novels. Read: no sparkling + “HUZZAH!” It takes a well loved (by many) concept but spices it up with new places, new ideas, and flavors This book is a whole new, exciting way to view vampire lore. The intimacy between the sets of characters is deep. This is a love story, not a “romance novel”. The storyline flows well, it is well written, and the characters are well developed already, which only means they will get better! I cannot wait to get my paws on book two. Give this one a try and clear your calendar, I can promise you won't be able to put it down!”

“Eternal Rising needs to be bought by anyone that enjoys reading…..PERIOD!! I really didn't think this would be my cup of tea, so to speak. Man, was I wrong!! I am a 59 year old construction worker and normally enjoy action, adventure, and good drama. I never read the Twilight books, but was mildly entertained by the movies, which were very successful, especially with the younger set. Let me tell you, if somebody doesn't have the good sense to make a movie from this incredible story, it will be a travesty!! Eternal Rising should appeal to a wider demographic of readers. Plenty of passion for the romance readers, along with the drama, suspense, and everything that a great vampire story brings with it!! Auriyanna is a character who literally leaps from the pages to become a vivid part of your imagination. I found it so easy to immerse myself in this world and imagine myself watching the story unfold before my eyes as I read. Each chapters end created an even bigger desire to dive right into the next!! I found myself reading faster and faster with the desire to find out where I would be taken next. I almost ignored my wife's phone call, which I was expecting, because I was at a point in the book where it was torture to put it down, if even for a brief minute!! The end is excruciating because 1) It is so intense I never wanted to see the last page appear, and 2) I don't have the next book to dive right into!! I will be waiting eagerly for the next book to be published!! 2 Enthusiastic Thumbs Way Up!! (If I had more than two, I would use all of them).”

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About the Author:

CYNTHIA LEE was born in Wisconsin, in 1981. As a creative child her talents in the arts were recognized at a young age but growing up in a small town had its limits – she had bigger dreams. Moving down to Florida she pursued her passion for rescue, rehabilitation and release as a Marine Mammal Trainer/Stranding Team Member for The Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Being a part of the most watched aquarium in the world and working with a very famous little dolphin, Cynthia eventually played a role in the filming of the Hollywood movie Dolphin Tale. It was an experience of a lifetime.

Looking for a new adventure Cynthia moved on to work with Lions, Hyenas, Hippos and Lemurs where she was able to spread the message of conservation through education, at Busch Gardens for a year. This fueled her passion to change the way we as humans treat animals and the planet on which we live as she is passionate about the impact that we have on our world and its future.

Eternal Rising had been put on the back burner for five years while she lived out her dreams at the fast paced aquarium and BGT. Now she is living a new dream and her sole focus is the world of Auriyanna Delmar, fueled by her long time fascination with the world of the vampire and Egyptian Mythology..

Aside from writing, she stays true to her art and animal roots as a student/performer in Aerial Arts, through her connection to the aquarium and as a volunteer for a local domestic cat rescue. Cynthia also rescues and rehabilitates local wildlife and continues to spread the word of conservation.

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