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Sinfully sexy, deeply dramatic, and laugh-out-loud funny, give the hot aliens and crazy situations of Evangeline Anderson's Brides of the Kindred series a try. You'll be glad you did!

Buck Naked: Cougarville book 1


Sadie Becker is not herself. A 40-year-old, divorced mother of two, Sadie wakes up one morning and realizes that she looks and feels like she did in her twenties. Suddenly she’s unable to walk around in her new town of Cougarville without men falling at her feet. Confused and alone, Sadie isn’t sure who to turn to…except answers to her problems might reside with her broodingly handsome reclusive neighbor, Mathis.

An alpha shifter, Mathis lost the love of his life, and he knows he’ll never find another mate. But his innocent new neighbor clearly doesn’t know the danger she’s in, and he's the only one who can save her.

But when the attraction pulls too strong, will Mathis’ animal nature be unleashed and claim Sadie for his own? Buck Naked is a sexy, emotional thrill-ride that will hook readers on this fantastic new series.

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Claimed (Brides of the Kindred book 1)


Olivia Waterhouse has just graduated from nursing school and has her whole life ahead of her—until she gets drafted. Problem is, she isn’t being forced into the Army, she’s been chosen as a Kindred bride.

The Kindred are huge alien warriors—a race of genetic traders whose population is ninety-five percent male. After saving Earth from the threat of invasion they demand a reward—the right to find brides among the population. The chances of being chosen are about the same as those of winning the lottery—guess it’s just Liv’s lucky day.

Baird is a Beast Kindred who recently escaped imprisonment and torture at the hands of the malevolent Scourge. Through the torment and pain only one thing kept him sane—the thought of finding and claiming his bride—Olivia. His need to possess her is a burning intensity that threatens to consume them both.

Angry at having her future and her family taken away from her, Liv vows to fight back the only way she can—by resisting. She has one month on the Kindred Mothership with Baird—their claiming period. If she can keep from having bonding sex with him during that time, she can go home and get on with her life on Earth.

But Baird isn’t going to make it easy for her. Every week he is allowed to touch Liv more and more intimately and according to the contract she signed, she has to let him. She’s determined to resist him but his touch sets her on fire. And just as she thinks she knows what she wants, a twist of fate and an attack by the faceless Scourge AllFather changes everything…

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Abducted: Book 1 of the Alien Mate Index


Reg. Price: 3.99

My name is Zoe McKinley. I have a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at my head. What could be worse?

How about being abducted by Aliens?

Being dragged through a mirror, naked and screaming, onto an extraterrestrial ship was bad. Finding out I had been sold to a huge alien male who looks like the Devil was worse. But learning he wanted to trade me to an intergalactic petting zoo was the worst of all!

Now I’m whizzing through the galaxy with a robot butler, a trio of nib-nibs (they’re like tiny green monkeys) and one huge, muscular, and very grumpy alien. The clothing they gave me shows all my lady-bits, the food-sim makes banana cream pie that tastes like sauerkraut, and Sarden, my captor, is too hot to stay mad at, even if he is a jerk.

In fact, I think I might be falling for him.

What’s a girl to do? It’s all in a day’s work when you’ve been…Abducted.

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Crimson Debt: Book 1 in the Born to Darkness series


Reg. Price: 3.99

Addison Godwin is a Non-Glam—one of the one in ten thousand humans who is immune to vampire glamour and mind tricks. Her gift enables her to work as an Auditor, enforcing the law that vampires and humans keep their distance from each other except in a purely non-physical way. The law is necessary because when a vampire tries to have sex with a human their blood-lust combines with their sexual appetite and the result looks like road kill.

Alec Corbin is a Four Star Master Vampire with piercing blue eyes and intentions to get Addison into his bed. He promises he can be gentle but Addison has seen way too many vamp/human crime scenes to go for that. She has no interest in the six foot four hunk of sexy vampire man candy, even if he is supernaturally hot.

But just because she Audits (and sometimes executes) vampires for a living, doesn’t mean she hates them all. Her best friend, Taylor, was turned against her will. Now, living as a slave to one of the crueler Master vamps in town, she leads a miserable existence and Addison is helpless to save her within the confines of the law.

Things come to a head when the Vampire Inquisitor comes to town and Taylor is given to him as a sex slave. When Addison sees her best friend tortured, beaten, and burned with silver she knows she has to do something—even if it means teaming up with Corbin and paying the Crimson Debt.

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Cougar Bait: Book 2 of the Cougarville series


Samantha Becker is a busy and talented trauma surgeon with no time for nonsense. Her sister may have a special Shifter Gene, but Sammie is fairly certain she doesn’t have it, and she’s happy with her life the way it is. She doesn’t need the complicated Shifter lifestyle, and she certainly doesn’t need Liam Keller: Alpha cougar, Mayor of Cougarville and undercover billionaire. She hates him, but Liam is unable to get the curvy surgeon out of his head.

But the Shifter world isn’t ready to let Sammie go. She’s being stalked by someone who’s desperate for Shifter hormones, and Liam takes it upon himself to protect Sammie from harm. Things begin heating up between Sammie and Liam, but will they have to succumb to their inner animals in order to save Sammie’s life?

Cougar Bait is fun, sexy and will take readers on an emotional thrill ride.

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Bonding with the Beast


Reg. Price: 3.99

Isobel Yates is a single mom just trying to make ends meet but she also has a dark secret–she's in hiding from her abusive ex-husband and has no romantic prospects. Thank goodness she has friends on the Kindred Mother Ship who want to introduce her to a hot, Kindred warrior. There's just one problem–he's a Dark Kindred and since his people tried to take over the Earth not that long ago, Isobel isn't sure she can see past his big, scary exterior and trust him not only with her own heart, but with the safety of her young son.

Hail is still learning to deal with emotions. On his home planet of Z4 they were outlawed but here on the Mother Ship, he's allowed to feel for the first time in his life. He doesn't dare feel too much though–because part of his DNA is that of a Bolaxian Beast–a race of semi-sentient beings known for their fierce aggression and blinding battle rage. He keeps his emotion damper turned on to be certain the beast that lives inside him never gets free.

When Isobel and Hail meet, sparks fly when it turns out they have been dream sharing. Not only that, but Isobel's young son, Brandon, has been dreaming of Hail as well and insists the big Kindred is going to be his “new dad.” Despite the dreams, Isobel is afraid to trust Hail and it looks like they will go their separate ways…until a twist of fate straight out of a science fiction movie forces them together. But when the big Kindred's beast comes out, will Isobel run from him…or bond with him as the Goddess intended?
You'll have to read Bonding with the Beast to find out…

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Author Bio: Evangeline Anderson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of the Brides of the Kindred, Alien Mate Index, and Born to Darkness series. She is thirty-something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats. She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it. To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci-fi erotica steadily ever since.
You can find her online at her website www.evangelineanderson.com
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