The Faithful Kiss

bookcoverforrealjpegThe Faithful Kiss (Book One of The Kiss Series) By Michelle C. Hillstrom

The women in Katelynn Wilder’s family have been plagued by madness every few generations since late in the nineteenth century. She herself has dreams and visions of things that she could not possible know about and she is scared to tell anyone about them for fear that she will end up locked away like her aunt. As she begins her freshman year at a private college in Tennessee, she must confront these fears and uncover the secret of who she and the people closest to her, really are, including the mysterious man of her dreams. Can she allow herself to believe that love truly conquers all? This novel explores love and its ability to transcend time, as well as, how true love can rise above every obstacle.

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About the author:

michelle resized for author profileMichelle: I am a twenty-eight year old college student majoring in education from Lubbock, TX. Writing is my passion and I have been telling stories since I could talk and began writing them down as soon as I learned how. It has been my dream to be a published author.

My work experience ranges from military, to bartender, medical to landscaping. I pretty much can say that I have been there done that to just about every job out there.
Hobbies other than writing include reading, dancing, PINTEREST, animal rights, and fashion.

My goals in life are to be a best-selling author, a middle school educator, as well as a wife and mother.

The Faithful Kiss: The development of this book all began with an image in my head. I saw a dark haired college boy walking down the steps outside of a chapel as he and his friends laughed and joked together. From the parking lot, a blonde girl admired him. The girl and guy's eyes locked as they became hypnotized by each other.

From this picture, I wrote the first paragraph of Chapter One and the words began to flow from there.

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