Would You Like To Become Famous? No Really!

Here’s the scoop: Since hitting 150,000 fans we decided to step it up a notch and deliver cooler stuff, better stuff and reach more fans than ever before…

Starting March 1st we will be launching our very own podcast called PNR Radio. This podcast will be pushed HARD each week to the close to 3 million people we’re already reaching as well as millions more who are fans of our guests.

FameSMWe’ve already recoded major interviews with New York Times Bestsellers as well as celebrities and are in the works to do a bunch more… You can listen to samples here

There’s just one catch (and this is where you come in): We need a full time host!

We're currently looking for a person who would like to run the show, interview the guests and basically bask in the fame and glory that comes with being loved and adored by billions… (only a slight exaggeration 😉

Is that you? If so I've listed the basic criteria for the gig along with how to apply.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, Feb 25th @ 5PM Central so if you want in move your tookus!

Who We Are Looking For:

  • Reliable/Major Accountability! (will show up and do the work consistently)
  • Proficient with computers/wordpress blogs
  • GREAT, outgoing personality with zero fear about speaking/asking questions to celebrities/famous people
  • Problem solver
  • Independent worker
  • Able to take/follow directions
  • Super fun to listen to
  • Has own equipment
    – Reliable computer
    – Reliable broadband
    – mic (built in is fine)
  • basic audio editing skills (and/or willing to learn Audacity or similar)

What Will You Be Doing?

The podcast consists of 2 parts and will be posted every week.  The key here is FUN!

Part I: Posted every other week. You'll be doing a pop culture review where you talk about what's up in TV/movies/books.  This will be where you can have a TON of fun with listener suggestions, comments and really drill into what's happening/what's fun in the world of paranormal entertainment. Each of these segments will be 20 – 25 min long including a short intro/outtro (already recorded) Here we will be featuring a TON of contests and giveaways for the fans.

Part II: Posted every other week.  Here you'll be posting the celebrity/author interviews as well as announcing major giveaways/contests from the authors/celebrities.

Week 1: Paranormal Entertainment Review
Week 2: Celebrity Interview
Week 3: Paranormal Entertainment Review
Week 4: Celebrity Interview

If accepted we will go into A LOT more details and you'll be working directly with our entire team to help promote and get the word out.

Note: While this is a part time gig it will require A LOT of effort and work under pressure and on a schedule so please do not apply if you are only half in.  You will be eyeballs deep in this program if we select you so make sure you've got the time & dedication before hitting “Send”.  Nkay?


If you're an author or blogger and want to get your name out there and hobnob with some of the biggest names in the industry… this is the way to go.  As we will be putting the full weight of our promotional efforts behind the show as well as it's individual episides you'll be getting A LOT of free exposure on your site/books in many ways.

You'll also receive 20% of net revenue generated by the Book Club advertising.

How To Apply:

To apply we are going to need you to put your best foot forward…. send us an email with the following information:

  • Under 750 words as to why YOU are the best fit for this position…
  • 10 show ideas you would like to run with…
  • 10 paranormal entertainment celebrities you would like to interview
  • Under 3 minute recorded audio segment where you review your favorite book (must be JUST LIKE you are doing it for real)
  • Send this to alexis (at) ILoveVampirenovels (dot) com with the subject line “Look No Further”.

Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, Feb 25th @ 5PM Central so if you want in move your tookus!

If you are chosen as a finalist be ready to jump in with both feet as we are going to be moving with lightening speed on this one!

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