#1 Bestseller?? Can You Say Freaking ROCKSTAR!!

First off “THANK YOU” for all your help making Immortal Nights a serious #1 bestseller on Amazon!  We did some major damage with this!

That was no small task.  It only took about 9 hours to blast up the charts and beat out Charles Dickens, Jane Austin, The Wizard Of Oz, Shakespeare… and even Stephen King!

So I guess we just showed the world the power of the page!

Say it with me: Muwahahahahahahahahahaaaa… cough.

Not only did you help make our 1st book a huge #1 bestselling success, you also helped expose the world to some VERY good up and coming new authors.  And if you saw their posts on the page the day we hit the top you know how happy everyone was!

Once we dominated Amazon I was able to get us onto Barnes & Noble for the Nook and now (even as I type) we’re about to go into iBooks & Amazon Paperback so EVERYBODY can get a copy!  We made it big and now we’re making it even bigger!  (So make sure you hit “like” and tell all your friends!)

Did you get your copy?  Well if not then you should!  I even left links for ya 😉

If you DID get your copy, if you wouldn’t mind… could you leave a review?  Click Here To Review On Amazon or Click Here To Review At Barnes & Noble.

What’s up next?  Well that’s 100% your call.  What I’m all about is delivering YOU what YOU want to see.  So it’s up to you to tell me!

Leave your suggestions below and make sure to hit “Like” so all your friends know what we accomplished here!  Once again, on behalf of all the killer authors and ILoveVampireNovels.com THANK YOU!

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