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Alpha Games Volume 1 by Terry Bolryder

alpha gamesTwo years ago, voluptuous she-wolf Aspen ran from her shifter pack. With females of her kind getting increasingly rare, she knew if she stayed she'd be pressured into mating with Rafe, the gorgeous, blue-eyed son of the alpha. Not that she hasn't always adored him, but she couldn't stand the thought of a mating of convenience. Now she's back, on the run from a dangerous stalker and emitting pheromones that make every wolf nearby want to claim her. But this time, Rafe is determined she'll be his. He just needs to convince her that he has always wanted her, and it was never about convenience.

Important note from the author! Alpha Games is a paranormal romance serial about a female wolf shifter and the three sexy alphas she's destined to choose between. The story is told in novella length episodes with cliffhangers, and is free through Kindle Unlimited. If you aren't getting it that way, I've priced each part low enough that by the time you have purchased all parts, you'll only have paid the price of one book (99 cents for each part). I know that this format isn't for everyone, but I love serials and find they keep things exciting for me as a writer. I hope you enjoy if you decide to still read it.

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