FREE Book of the Day – 1/10/2013

biteHere is today’s FREE book of the day for you

BITE by Heather Litteral

Meet Skye Jones, newly created vampire and mind reader. Immortal and all-powerful, right? Well, not so much.

Before Skye even has a chance to test out her new fangs, she’s on the run from assassins sent by a powerful vampire who fears Skye has read her mind and learned her secrets. If only she had!

But Skye isn’t going down without a fight and she thinks may have found a way to stop the attacks for good. How do you fight a powerful, ancient vampire? With another powerful, ancient vampire, of course!

What happens next? Murder, mayhem and a mind-controlling scepter. Dark elves, dark nights and dark desires. Two dangerously hot men: one human, one vampire. For reasons she doesn’t understand, the vampire Gabriel is temptation incarnate for her. But what about Ryan, the new human in her life? Who to choose? Who to trust?

In the vampire world it’s a fine line between love and death. Sometimes all that separates them is a BITE.

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Click here to get BITE on >>

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