FREE Book of the Day – 1/19/2012

the linkHere is today’s FREE book of the day for you

The Link (Pearl Vampire Chronicles #1) by Dara J Nelson

It’s a very different world for vampires.
They exist, in small numbers, entirely to control evil and protect the innocent. Their population is controlled by The Elders, five strong, ancient vampires. Only The Elders decide who becomes a vampire or know the process to create a vampire.

Yet, vampire Matthew is deeply in love with human Sarah and desperately wants her with him forever. So, he convinces her, and himself, to embark on a journey. A journey that will take them to the darkest corners of the vampire world – to Mexico, Peru, Nigeria, Cairo, Paris, Haiti and more – hoping that they will find the clues to the change process. Hoping that the clues that they do find are the right ones, because, if they’re not, Matthew could end up killing Sarah. Hoping that The Elders don’t figure out what they are up to stop them, permanently.
It’s a race against time. Time that Matthew has too much of and Sarah doesn’t have nearly enough.

In this first of a series, Sarah and Matthew’s journey is a tale of danger, intrigue, death, deception, love, passion and friendship that will draw you in from the first page, and leave you yearning for more after the last.

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Click here to get The Link on >>

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