FREE Book of the Day 12/21/2013

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Cortigiana (Vamp Life)  by Jez Strider

Cortigiana_Cover_for_KindleA harsh reality catches up with an easy going, book loving Evelina Angelis when her parents are arrested. She is a young, educated woman in 16th century Venice, Italy. The life of a courtesan, a cortigiana onesta, is her only real option.

The more she excels at her craft, the more dangerous it becomes. Her love for one man and obligations to another lead her down a dangerous path deeper into the world of vampires and it's only a matter of time before a deadly plague ravages her beautiful and beloved city.

(This novella can be read at any time during the Vamp life series or as an introduction to it. Approximately 22,700 words.)



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