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Dracula (A Modern Telling) by Victor Methos



Here are the confessions of the world's most famous vampire. Once a prince of untold power and ruthlessness, now a rock star living in Los Angeles, Dracula walks among us. Seeking answers to his magical and horrifying existence, Dracula flies through the centuries in search of a love that was taken from him.

When Jonathan Harker, a journalist with Rolling Stone, travels to Dracula's secluded mansion for an interview, he finds a home filled with secrets and a man that is not what he appears.

Stalked by three lovely creatures, Jonathan must find a way to escape and return to the woman he loves…before it's too late.


Retold for this century, Victor Methos captures the beauty and eroticism of the original Bram Stoker classic and reveals Dracula's origins. It is a mesmerizing story of love, passion, and evil.

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