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The first two books in Rebekah Armusik's The 13 Gothic Memoirs series are free today and tomorrow (February 6th and 7th)

Memoirs of a Gothic Soul (Book 1, The 13 Gothic Memoirs) by Rebekah Armusik

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Nadija Fey is weeks away from graduating college and is eager to escape small-city life. She feels suffocated by her eccentric Slovak family, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and a drug-addicted childhood friend. To her, life seems empty, lonely, and stale. The only consolation she has is a dream to move to Prague and start a new life.

Despite her grandmother’s warnings and the pleas of friends and family to stay, she embarks on her journey to find herself, but to her dismay, Prague seems to harbor more pain and suffering than she anticipated. She is forced to accept a life she never would have chosen for herself—a life her grandmother fought desperately to shield her from.

Nadija quickly finds herself caught in a celestial world struggling to maintain its delicate balance—a balance contingent upon her acceptance of her destiny. And though she finds the love she has always desired, it comes with an awful price—her life.

In the first of her epic thirteen-book series, author Rebekah Armusik captivates the reader with rich language and colorful characters. In Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Armusik successfully redefines the Gothic novel and resurrects the sensuality, mystique, and allure of the classic vampire with an unexpected twist.

Click here to get Memoirs of a Gothic Soul on >>

Click here to get Memoirs of a Gothic Soul on >>

Mariposa (Book 2, The 13 Gothic Memoirs) by Rebekah Armusik

MARIPOSAAt the closing of Book 1: Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Nadija Fey underwent a transformation to save her life. That ending of her mortal life is just the beginning in Mariposa. Though immortal, Nadija is no less of an enigma to those around her. She is the first Guardian to accept the gift of immortality. Some fear her new gifts may threaten the already-tilting balance. Mariposa goes deeper into the epic story and unravels all you know about legends, theology, and history, blending them all into a cohesive map of the delicate balance Nadija is now responsible for maintaining. There are dark secrets, mysterious creatures, and evil surrounds her at every turn. Never has an author taken you through such a range of emotions with such passion and intrigue… Mariposa will challenge all you know about good and evil.

Click here to get Memoirs of a Mariposa on >>

Click here to get Memoirs of a Mariposa on >>

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