FREE Book of the Day 3/29/2014

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Temptation (Journal of the Wolves of Spruce Hollow Book 1) by Tarrah Betts

temptAs the Beta of the Spruce Hollow pack, Roan Sabre's a dominant and self assured Were. Life's pretty good for him. He's got a hot, beautiful girlfriend and his job as pack enforcer has earned him the respect of his pack members, time and time again.

But when the Fates deliver Roan's blood born mate into his arms much too early, he scrambles to build a life around the young, curly haired Aspen Greystone without taking her as his own.

Everything in Roan's carefully constructed universe is about to fall apart when the force of nature that is his young mate finally begins to recognise the deep connection that exists between them for what it really is.

Will Roan's loyalty ultimately lie with his girlfriend, the Were pack or with his beautiful young mate, who is quickly becoming the woman who will set his blood on fire?

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