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Falling For The Alphas – Cassie Wright

falling for alphasStruck by tragedy, the Silver Song pack has split in two. Neither of the new alphas can defeat the darkness that is sweeping over Fort Brixton alone, however – it is the way of the wolf that one must die so the other can re-unite the packs.

Enter Naomi, a curvaceous and determined reporter with no clue as to the supernatural causes behind her city's rapid decline. When her investigations land her in hot water, she's saved by Dylan, the searingly intense and handsome young Alpha whose bravery and good looks sweep her off her feet.

Yet even as she starts to fall for Dylan, she learns that he may soon die at the claws of Kayden, the dark and driven alpha of the new Vengeance pack. Determined to prevent this tragedy, she sets out to reconcile the two alphas – by any means necessary.


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