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Vampire Miami by Phil Tucker

vampire miamiFive years ago, the war ended and Miami was given to the vampires. Five years ago, the US turned its back on those trapped behind the Wall – and life in the vampire kingdom has degenerated into a grisly struggle for survival.

When her father goes missing, naive and impulsive Selah Brown leaves Brooklyn and follows his trail into the rotten heart of the vampire city. Navigating both the broken streets and the vampire courts, drawing the attention of the human resistance and even the vampire king himself, she discovers that nothing is as it was explained to the American public – and her search is subverted into a quest to expose the truth before the horrors of the city can claim her.

Yet what hidden, impossible talent could one young woman possess that might allow her to stand against an evil so ancient and implacable?


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Click here to get Vampire Miami on >>

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