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Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams

immortal propThe prophecy has been foretold…
Her destiny has been written… 

Her fate has been sealed…

When Alessandra goes to visit a fortune teller at sixteen years old, she has no idea of the repercussions that will haunt her for the rest of her life…

Five years after that life changing night, she meets the evil vampire, Vincent whose fate is tied in with hers according to an ancient prophecy, and she finds herself in a terrifying situation, literally staring death in the face.
After a narrow escape, the secrets that people closest to her have been hiding come rushing to the surface…Alessandra soon discovers the world as she knew it doesn’t exist…and she is not what she thought she was…

Then she meets, James…again.

He’s gorgeous, dominating, and gets under her skin whether she likes it or not. Alessandra fights the connection she feels with the smouldering immortal, but they seem to be connected by a thread of fate she cannot escape, no matter how hard she tries.

Will she succumb to his ruthless pursuit and find the courage to save the immortals and mankind from the vampires?

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