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Alpha Hybrid by Larissa Lad

alpha hybridAlpha Hybrid: The Becoming is a novella of approximately 55 pages (13,700 words). It is the first book in a 4-novella paranormal romance series.

You know it’s true, Abby. You are just afraid to face the facts, and probably a little confused. But this is who you are. Every word is true.

Abby's life is just beginning. It is the time of her college graduation, and she has become an accomplished chef and a lovely young woman. Little does she know, she is about to face a whole new phase of her life—and an entirely different “becoming”.

When tragedy strikes, Abby is driven to return to her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, despite her avoiding the area due to a childhood accident that has left her scarred. Rising up from the tragedy, Abby finds herself faced with compelling reasons to settle down permanently in Salem. As if this decision weren't overwhelming enough, Abby finds herself having memory lapses, fighting off the strange mayor of the town, and continuing a confusing romance with Jake, a love she had left behind when she went off to college.
As the pieces begin to come together, things only become more confusing and challenging for Abby. She discovers a supernatural side of herself she didn't even believe in, and she must learn to adapt quickly when a great evil threatens Salem. Can Abby harness her newly-found abilities while navigating the extreme tides of change and mysterious forces that are overrunning her life?

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