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The Alpha's Quest Part 1 by Jessica Ryan

alpha's questCiara is a party girl with a sordid past. Now she finds herself on a court-mandated “spiritual journey” by herself in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately her journey has turned into an escape for her life as a naked, obviously drugged, stranger pursues her through the forest. 

Hawk is the lone, celibate alpha of the Skyvale pack. He's taken it upon himself to enter the massive Cedarpoint forest and hopefully find Leena, the mate to Satan's Angels leader. Unfortunately there's a very strong evil presence in the forest that's preventing him from finding the girl and saving Bucklin from certain doom. 

When their paths converge deep in the forest Ciara thinks she's found her guardian angel while Hawk just sees someone that needs his protection. But, something begins growing between the two of them that will change their outlook forever. 

The Alpha's Quest is an 18,000 word serialized novella set in The Bucklin Wolves Serial. It is the first in The Alpha's Quest serial and a continuation of the Taken By The Wolf serial. 
It is not intended to be read out of order and Taken By The Wolf is intended to be read in order before reading The Alpha's Quest. 

This book is for mature audience's only.

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