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Rise of the Female Alpha by Jasmine White

rise of“A unique spin on the BBW Werewolf Romance theme, MUST MUST READ for any shifter fan!” 

Curvy Sienna has always felt like an outsider within her own wolf pack. Deemed not quite as desirable as the other females and constantly disrespected by her alpha, it is no surprise that Sienna harbors a secret desire to leave forever. 

When she meets handsome white wolf Arric from the rival Silverlake pack, she meets a man who finally respects and understands her. They embark on a steamy but dangerous relationship. One that would mean certain death if either were caught. 

However, it is only after meeting Arric that Sienna begins to believe in herself and it is he that makes her feel special. Little does she know that she might just be more special then she could ever have imagined… 

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Disclaimer: Warning this bbw werewolf paranormal romance novella contains scenes of a sexual nature, 18+

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