Your Friday Reading List – 11/17/17

Your Friday Reading List – 11/17/17

Ghouls (Wizard Brothers book 1)
Louisa Klein

Ghouls (The Wizard Brothers Book 1) by [Klein, Louisa]NEW YORK HAS MANY SECRETS. SOME ARE OLDER THAN THE CITY ITSELF.

My name is Andrew Coulter: Wizard, badass and womanizer (hello ladies!).

My roommates and I work for the New York Wizard Council, protecting the city from supernatural threats; dealing with territorial werewolves and angry ghosts is just routine to us. We’re used to that stuff. What we’re not used to is an ancient demon hybrid roaming the sewers. How did it even get there? And why no one, besides my captain Dora, felt its presence? Yeah, my boss is a woman, no problem with that, really. Although it’d be easier, were she less sexy! She’s determined to find out what’s going on, not caring for any “classified” bullshit and the rest of the team and I are determined to help her, no matter what.

We have just started looking for clues when a white orc shows up to spread a supernatural plague that could destroy New York for good. We’re forced to drop our investigation and face this new threat … Is that a coincidence? My Brother Joey thinks it’s not.

Have I mentioned my younger brother Joey? He’s an annoying, know-it-all nerd but he’s also a very talented wizard and a smart ass: If someone can help us solve this mystery, that’s him.



Kain's Game
Selena Scott

Kain's Game (Shifter Fever Book 4) by [Scott, Selena]Her mission was to save shifters, not to fall in love with one!

Valentina – Sexy, confident and a true warrior. It wasn't that she didn't like Kain Keto. He just annoyed her. The way he lazily lay around just put her teeth on edge. And she happened to think that freeing enslaved shifters from Herta was very serious business.

Kain – He loved attractive women. Actually, he liked all women of all kinds. And he had the Tinder history to prove it. He wasn't exactly what one might call picky. But something about this sassy warrior had him captivated. Underneath her tough exterior, he could see a vulnerability and a softness that definitely made her true mate material.

When Valentina falls victim to one of the shifter hunters, will Kain seize his opportunity and be able to save her? From two different worlds, could there really be a future together or is Kain just deluded in his quest?


Vampire (Alpha Claim 1)
Tamara Rose Blodgett  &‎ Marata Eros

Vampire (Alpha Claim 1): New Adult Paranormal Romance by [Blodgett, Tamara Rose, Eros, Marata]Narah Adrienne is a bounty enforcer in the near future. She runs the seedy side of her game, capturing criminals too dangerous for the local law enforcement. Using unorthodox methods, she finds herself in the crosshairs of the Magistrate for too many allowable kills for the quarter.

And her head hurts like hell.

Aeslin is part of an elite vampire squad of Turners. A rare sect of vampire scouts who possess the ability to find women with enough undead blood to be turned into full vampire. As the numbers of supernaturals dwindle, it is the hope of the Nobles that extinction can be a thing of the past with female hybrids.

In a race against time and common enemies, can Aeslin find the one female who is meant to be turned and also his parallel soul? Or will the fabled carrot the Nobles dangle turn out to be a lie perpetuated by desperation?


Primal Instinct
Sydney Somers

Primal Instinct: Pendragon Gargoyles 1 by [Somers, Sydney]He wanted revenge–not a mate.

For months, Corrine Lawson has walked a fine line between reality and madness. The only thing keeping her sane is her mysterious next-door neighbor, Ryker. The closer she gets to uncovering the truth about him, the harder it becomes to resist him.

Both man and wolf, Ryker McKinnon has spent nearly a century tormented by his past, hungering only for vengeance—until he finds Corrine, a spirited mortal and the key to his redemption. Determined to use Cori as a pawn in a deadly game of revenge, nothing prepares Ryker for the staggering emotion her touch unleashes or the brutal need to claim her as his own.

When Cori is caught in the middle of a bitter feud, will Ryker’s secrets destroy the woman he loves or finally awaken the fierceness inside her?

Warning: There’s nothing tame about this alpha male hell bent on claiming his mate. Featuring bone-melting sexual tension, bad words, violence and a little harmless bite…or two.


Emma Edwards

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