Your Friday Reading List – 2/12/16


Guardian – The Guardian Trilogy Book 1
by Sara Mack

True love never dies.
Emma Donohue begs to differ.

When a late night accident claims the love of her life, Emma secludes herself in memories of James. In his sandy brown hair and clear blue eyes. In their innocent first kiss and declarations of love. In their plans for a life together after college. But happy dreams can’t rid her of the guilt she carries. She can’t erase her actions the night he died. She can’t erase her reaction at his funeral. And she can’t erase the hollow void that fills her chest and consumes her heart.

The first time Emma hears James’ voice, she’s astounded. It sounds as if he’s standing right beside her, and she fears her shattered heart is trying to drive her mad. But, as she continues to hear the voice, she finds comfort in it. With the help of her best friend Shel and handsome newcomer Dane, she tries to move forward and start living again.

Until the voice in her head turns out to be more. So much more.

You know what they say.
True love never dies.

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The Tiger's Hired Mate

by Ashley Hunter


.BBW Secretary+ Hot and Sexy Tiger-Shifter Boss+ One Fake Fiancé Trap+ A Mean Ex= Wild & Roaring Tiger Romance!

Confident and beautiful, Amanda is one hard-working secretary whose life has been a series of trials and tests for years. If constantly battling with the horrible memories of pain, misery and humiliation isn’t enough to test her determination to stay happy, Amanda finds herself living a nightmare when confronting her rude, obnoxious yet super-sexy boss.

And when life throws yet another surprise, the curvy beauty is least prepared for it…

A simple mistake, and Amanda’s job is left at the mercy of one man….

A man who happens to be her boss….

A man who exudes masculinity that is almost intoxicating to her, but Amanda can expect no less from a typical Alpha male….

A man who is willing to give her a second chance but this help comes at a price…

Seductively handsome and irresistibly hot, Joshua Tarran is known for his badboy reputation. While the billionaire usually has full control over his senses, Amanda’s scent seems to be provoking feelings inside him he hoped he’d mastered a long time ago.

With his curvy secretary driving his inner beast crazy, the tiger-shifter least expects this gorgeous woman to accept his strange proposal, which makes him wonder only one thing…

Will the touch of her lips and the taste of her soft skin satisfy his deep primal hunger? And to find that out, the tiger needs to make sure his mate falls for the naughty trap!

But, is there more to this forbidden attraction than just lustful desires and savage passion? And more importantly…

Will Amanda accept Joshua for who he really is?

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A Mate for Gideon

by Charlene Hartnady


Standalone Vampire Novel

Have you ever wanted to date a vampire?
Human women required. Must be enthusiastic about interactions with vampires. Must be willing to undergo a stringent medical exam. Must be prepared to sign a contractual agreement which would include a non-disclosure clause. Limited positions available…

Jenna has a few skeletons in her closet. One of which is tall, dark and gorgeous. He also happens to be a vampire with a grudge against her. She’s made mistakes and has done things she’s not proud of. The time has come to take charge of her life. The opportunity to do just that comes along in the form of an acceptance into the infamous vampire program.

Would she like to date a vampire?
Hell yes!

But not just any vampire, her vampire. That is, if he’ll ever forgive her. With such a dark past, she worries whether she’ll ever be able to confront him and in so doing, bare her soul to him. It would kill her to see the disgust and contempt in his eyes when he finds out…her heart clenches and her eyes mist at the thought.

Gideon is almost brought to his knees, when he realizes, that Jenna is one of the females that’s taking part in the dating program.

His Jenna.
No! Not his. Not anymore.

What the hell is she doing here? With all he knows about her, there’s no way that she was able to meet all the minimum criteria required for acceptance. Not a damned chance! He’s not interested in her…or any human female for that matter. That said, he also refuses to just stand by and watch her get seduced by one of the victorious ten, elite males. His only option is to find a way to expose her as the deceptive female that she is.

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Unleashing His Alpha

by Ellie Valentina


Katie Harper was living the life that she never really wanted. Working as a waitress for below the minimum wage, serving ungrateful customers and having no real prospects ahead of her.

But little did she know, she was SPECIAL.

Werewolf Shane Blackwood had been on the run ever since his family was murdered. There were mysterious forces out to kill him and to make matters worse, Shane had lost his ability to shift.

That was until, Shane met Katie. There was something about Katie's presence that made him regain his shifting abilities and he was able to unleash his Alpha once again. Now he had her, he knew he could never lose her.

It was clear that Katie was already special to Shane but she was about to become more special to him in ways she could never have imagined…

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Bear Princess

by Emma Alisyn


A Princess who sacrifices love for duty… a King planning to seize his mate…

Bear Princess Miahela Sahakian is thrust into the role of Heir when her brother abdicates the throne to be with his human mate. Disaster. She'd planned on quietly retiring from royal life in order to be with her secret mate, the commoner she met when she was just sixteen…

Only the ‘commoner' Dami is hiding a secret from the female he loves, and has kept at arm's length for so many years, sacrificing his desires for the sake of his country, recovering from war.

But it is time to take what belongs to him, before the Princess is forced to wed an alpha male other than him because of an ancient law forbidding a future Queen remain unmated. Not every Bear is happy when he claims his Princess, and a danger close to home threatens them both.

This 40K paranormal romance is for readers who enjoy fantasy paranormal romance, royalty in disguise and fated mates. Steamy, standalone with a happily ever after. #2 in the Royal Bears series. #1, Bear Prince, begins the story of the abdication of Princess Miahela's brother.

For a sweet and steamy heartfelt romance, download your copy now.

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Blood Claim

by Magen McMinimy


Half blood vampire princess Sophia Daletsky has spent the last eight months running from her oppressive and cruel Brother and her love sick ex, when she comes upon the sleepy little town of Maldera Springs where she finds a secret that’s been hidden for years from her people. Sophia must decide between saving herself, listening to her heart, or protecting what’s been safely hidden and protected by the sexy, secretive, and stoic vampire brothers Tavian and Dante Baikov.

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