Your Thursday Reading List – 3/22/18

Your Thursday Reading List – 3/22/18

The Dark Professor (The Therian Chronicles Book 1)
Candy Crum and Amanda R. Browning

The Dark Professor (The Therian Chronicles Book 1) by [Crum, Candy, Browning, Amanda R.]He was told war would find him… Now, it has.

Decades ago, Luca fled Russia and the Therian Court by order of the queen–his mother. In an attempt to save his life, not only from the price on his head delivered by the vampire queen, but also to keep his own father from destroying him, the queen has forced Luca to the other side of the world. There, the dragon guardians (called Watchers) are low, and the vampire armies are small.

Now, over sixty years later, Luca has built a life for himself, but he stays private as a way to ensure he is never found.
Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed the moment he met a particular human. Now, the war has found him, and his life is not the only one he must save…


Bear Mountain Shifters Complete Series Box Set
Sky Winters

Bear Mountain Shifters Complete Series Box Set by [Winters, Sky]The Complete 5 Book Bear Mountain Shifters Series!​​​​​​​
Book 1: Bear Mountain Bride
The bear pack and its leader, the handsome Atticus, have been charged with keeping the woods of Bear Mountain safe. Will Tessa be able to escape the threat of her dangerous ex-husband, and help the shifters of Bear Mountain keep their word?

Book 2: Bear Mountain Baby
He might be the sexiest bear on the mountain, but he doesn’t want to raise another man’s baby! Will Ian ever learn to open his heart?

Book 3: Bear Mountain Daddy
Can this Bear Shifter Daddy make room for another woman in his life, other than his daughter?

Book 4: Bear Mountain Biker
Would a big bad wolf ever protect a sassy little bear? Especially when his pack is trying to take over Bear Mountain!?

Book 5: Bear Mountain X-mas
Little does this feisty bear know, she’s about to get a big bad wolf for X-mas. And his secret could tear apart the shifters of Bear Mountain!

Plus Bonus Shifter Stories!

This Box Set will be $0.99 in March 2018 ONLY. Grab your copy now!!



Laxmi Hariharan

Claimed: Paranormal Romance (Immortals, Vampires and Shifters) (Many Lives Book 4) by [Hariharan, Laxmi]A forbidden love. Sexual attraction on steroids.

A brave alpha warrior.
A feisty heroine he's sworn not to have.
When they meet it's explosive chemistry
But, can they save their city?

A sizzling, paranormal romance with immortals, vampires and wolf shifters. From a New York Times Bestseller.


First Fruits
Amanda Carney

ImageHe's odd. But, then again, so is she . . .

Parsley Walker didn't want to fall in love. She wanted to pour coffee, serve flapjacks, and forget that she could read minds. She wanted to be a ghost in a waitress's uniform. But then fate walked in, and he had dark hair and a dark mood, and he looked at her like she was the only woman in the world.

And, to him, she was.

Jesse Linwood intended to blow into town, grab the girl, and get gone. Instead, the girl grabbed him with her shy smile and sad eyes. Now, his cold, black vampire heart beats for her alone, but he isn't the only one who craves her. To keep her safe, he must pick a fight he knows he cannot win.


Emma Edwards

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