Your Friday Reading List – 3/25/16

The Bear King's Captive

by Milly Taiden


Leah Tomson has been on the run since she was a kid. Every day is a struggle to stay alive. Now turning thirty, she wonders why she’s still here. When her path crosses with a boy who’s sucked into her world, she's got someone else depending on her for the first time. She won't let him down. When she finds them trapped by a mercenary and his crew, death is imminent. She knows she’ll fail a child, again.

Commander Hannes ‘Otso' Otila just finished a mission and is on his way home when his trip is disrupted by an unexpected cargo of the curvy, mouthy, and sassy type. With this luscious woman comes a boy and a lot of problems that drive him bat shit crazy. But instead of letting them go, his biggest desire, and that of his polar bear, is to keep her forever. He'll happily hold her his captive and if the moment comes, give his life for her.

A big-time drug lord wants Leah dead, and it's up to Hannes and Leah to keep her and the boy alive. That's turning out to be harder than either anticipated when his second-in-command turns on him. While Hannes protects Leah from danger, protecting his own heart from her is a lot more difficult. The burning need to have her pushes his control, but is she worth the chance of another broken heart? Hannes is about to realize that no matter what he decides, his bear made a choice: Leah is his and no amount of internal struggle will change the animal's mind.


Kissed By Blood

by Shéa MacLeod


Reg. Price: $2.99

You've read the series, now read the story that started it all…

Morgan Bailey is living in London, minding her own business, when she's attacked by a vampire. Suddenly she finds herself thrust into the world of the supernatural, and she isn't happy about it. When the mysterious Kabita Jones insists on training Morgan as a vampire hunter, it's all she can do not to run straight to the psych ward.
Unfortunately, turns out vampires are actually real, and if Morgan wants to survive this new world, she's going to have to learn to fight. Or die trying.

Irish Kiss
Morgan Bailey, vampire Hunter, thought finding missing treasure would be easy. She couldn't have been more wrong.


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Bad Boy Fire Bear

by Bella Love-Wins


Reg. Price: $2.99

Jax wanted his one true mate. Joleen wanted her freedom.

Jax Carson
Jax knew this new waitress at the Steak and Ale Saloon was different. He would know — he had slept with almost every other single woman in town for at most one or two nights. Joleen, on the other hand, wouldn't give him the time of day. The sway of her hips made his inner bear rage with a lust to claim her. When he learned she was trapped in an unacceptable situation at home, his bear was ready to fight for her. Except why did she insist on refusing his help, his protection and his heart?

Joleen Emery
The first time Joleen saw Jax, he was with his firefighter buddies, and almost every woman at the Steak and Ale Saloon was draped on his arm at one time or another that night. He was a sexy, hotter than hell, womanizing bad boy firefighter, and for some reason, she was who he wanted in his bed next. She didn't need anyone like that in her already complicated life. What she wanted was to save her tips, find a place and get the hell away from the last romantic mistake she had made. Without money, she was trapped, so Jax's efforts to get her attention while she was trying to save for her sanctuary was just another useless distraction. Except why was it she couldn't get him out of her mind? Why did he insist on saving her at every turn? And why did she not want to run away screaming when she saw him change into a bear?


The BBW and the Beast

by Sylvia Frost


A new steamy, novella length, shifter fairy tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast from USA Today Best-Selling author, Sylvia Frost…

Twelve years ago curvy Bel Booksmore snuck into a mysterious farmhouse in the woods and had her first kiss and glasses stolen by its owner. Now a successful writer, Bel thought she would never return. But when her father unwittingly steals a million dollar rose, she’s dragged back into alpha werewolf Samson West’s world. And this time, whether by claw or by contract, he’s not going to let her go.


Witch Sense: Part One

by Alexis Kade


All witch Lara O'Connell wanted to do was dump her neglectful boyfriend and get on with her life. But thanks to a show of power he thought would charm her, her ex is stuck in wolf form. And until she turns him back, she’s stuck with him shedding all over her stuff.

The local Alpha werewolf, Stephen, will help her turn her ex back into a human—for a price. He needs Lara’s sensitivity to magic to figure out who is killing his people.

But with the FBI looking into Phillip’s disappearance, an Alpha trying to make kissy face with her, and a killer who can’t be too happy to have her on his trail, Lara’s problems are just getting started.


Vampires Rule

by Kasi Blake


They don't call him Jackpot for nothing.

Jack was barely seventeen when a werewolf slaughtered his parents and ripped his throat out. Lucky for him, there were vampires nearby. Summer liked him on sight, so she infected him and gave him new life as a vampire. His only remaining family, a younger brother, buried him and tried to move on. Jack couldn't. His body and heart remained frozen in time, and that's why he does it, why he takes a trip home every year. Feeling nostalgic, he walks through the house and touches his former possessions. Then he visits the cemetery and stares down at an empty grave with his name on it. This has been Jack's life for ten years… but this year something incredible happens.

Jack is at the cemetery when he sees a beautiful girl about to get killed by a werewolf. Misunderstanding the situation, he jumps in to save her and is wounded. He watches in awe as she kills the werewolf with a gentle touch. This is Silver, THE werewolf hunter, and she didn't need his help but still appreciates it. Unfortunately for Jack, a single scratch from a werewolf can kill a vampire. As far as he knows, only a few have survived it.

And that is why Jack is stunned to wake up the next morning. The second thing to shock him is the realization that his fangs are gone. Sunlight touches his face for the first time in a decade. He has a second chance to live. This is a miracle.

Not so fast, Jack. He tries to return to his old life, but the people around him won't let him pretend to be normal when the supernatural is everywhere. His brother is a hunter, the English teacher is a werewolf, and his new girlfriend can suck the souls of werewolves right out of them. Scary, huh? If he was still a vampire, he might be worried.

His brother Billy is now older than him and wants to tell him what to do. This does not sit well with Jack. His vampire friends refuse to leave town without him. They want to turn him into a vampire again. Not going to happen. Not if Jack has any say in the matter. Being a vampire sucked. Sorry. No other word for it.

Every time he starts to feel normal, something happens.


Emma Edwards

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