Your Friday Reading List – 4/14/17

Your Friday Reading List – 4/14/17

Magic Fire

by Catherine Vale


Reg. Price: $2.99

We aren't going to run. We're going to kick some serious Warlock ass.

Rogue gargoyle attacks aren't exactly something I deal with on a daily basis, but it's nothing I can't handle. So why is this stranger insisting that I need to come with him in order to stay alive? Who does this guy think he is?


 Cursed by Magic

by Deanna Chase, Selene Charles, SM Reine, Dannika Dark, Kate Danley


Immerse yourself in the riveting world of vampires, shifters, mages, witches, ghosts, mediums, angels, and all things magic.

A thrilling collection of the finest in urban fantasy. Sit back and binge on five full-length novels that will have you on the edge-of-your-seat. Romance, magic, mystery, and shocking twists that will leave you breathless.


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The Centaur's Bride

Tamsin Ley


The Centaur's Bride: A Mates for Monsters Novella by [Ley, Tamsin]Reg. Price: 2.99

Renee Cerica, used to living in the shadow of her rock-star best friend, inherits a ranch from a grandfather she hasn’t seen in years. She intends to take one last jaunt across the sage-covered hills before she sells the places, and perhaps ride a sexy cowboy along the way. But the people on the ranch are acting mighty strange, and her sexy cowboy has a secret she never expected…

As a centaur among horse shifters, Black Stevens has always been an outsider. To the herd he’s one kind of monster, unable to assume full equine form, and to humans he’s a creature only found in nightmares. When the herd’s leader offers him a position among the herd’s ranks, he can’t say no. All he has to do is marry the hot heiress and keep the ranch in herd hands.

But the herd leader has a devious hidden agenda, forcing Black to make a choice between finally joining the herd and protecting his mate.

Content warning: Explicit love scenes, troubled cowboys, and sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.



Claimed Bear: Ferro Mountains Book 1

Stella Blaze


When a skin-walker comes to town to spread chaos and death, medicine woman and puma shape-shifter Stormy Ironcloud must defend herself, her family and her town from the ancient evil before it kills anyone else.

Maddox is a lone bear, and had one impossible-to-forget night with Stormy two years ago. He’s found her again, and this time he’s not letting her go—even if he has to tear apart a crazed, ancient monster to do it.

This book is filled with adult werebear romance and hot shifter sex scenes.



Emma Edwards

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