Your Friday Reading List – 4/15/16

Soul Guardians 3-Book Collection: Marked #1, Elemental #2, Horizon #3

by Kim Richardson


Reg. Price: $4.27

Over 6000 star reviews on Amazon and Google Play. An Amazon bestselling series. The first three stories in the series readers are describing as “vivid,” “imaginative,” and “mesmerizing.” Enter the world of Soul Guardians with this great introduction to Kim Richardson’s best-selling series. This bundle includes the first three books.

From the award-winning author comes a gripping, supernatural adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


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Blood Sisters

by Angelic Rodgers


Have you ever wondered who those three mysterious female vampires were in Stoker's classic novel? Discover their origins in this first novel in the Olivia Chronicles series, which readers have described as “a hot, erotic romp through the streets of gay New Orleans.”

Olivia had her fun alone, and it was time to find companions again. She sat silently, listening to the noises around her. She could hear a tarot reader on the left side of the square shifting in her chair, then she smelled the newly lit stick of incense, heard the clinking of cheap bangles coming together and the crack of the cards as the bored card reader shuffled the deck for something to do. On the right, she could sense pedestrian traffic, first coming off of Decatur on the far side of the square and turning up St. Ann, drifting toward the heart of the French Quarter: Bourbon Street.

When Dr. Olivia Holmwood joins the faculty as a visiting professor after Professor Clark’s suicide, everyone thinks it is a good match for everyone. Alex takes her course, Reading the Vampire, hoping for a bit of frivolous fun during the semester.

But Olivia’s not just here to teach a course. She’s looking for someone.


Saddled Bearback

by Becca Fanning


Reg. Price: 2.99

Jamie Campbell loves the family ranch, but a recent family tragedy has hung a dark cloud over the place. The cattle still graze, but her father has been a knot of worry and his whiskey is never far away. Her cousin Oliver has a knack for business, but when it comes to managing the herd of cattle, Jamie is in over her head. Not that she'd ever admit to needing help, of course. No matter how tall or handsome that help turned out to be…

Jesse Crowe thought this would just be another normal gig. Help a local ranch get back on their feet and make a little spare change on the side. It looked like a win/win situation. Of course, as soon as he laid eyes on the rancher's daughter, his primal bear Shifter needs erupted. Oh yeah, this just turned into a win/win/win situation.

Too blind to see the looming threat in their midst, could they have any chance of finding love when their lives were at risk?


Devoted to her Alien

by Ally Enne


Reg. Price: 2.99

Everything seems to be falling apart for Olivia. In the past few months she's lost everything and feels completely alone. Until she runs into Tyren, a sexy, alpha alien who only wants to do one thing: protect and love her truly. And she wants that, but after everything has gone so wrong in her life she finds it hard to open up to this complete stranger who claims he's her soulmate. Not to mention, things get even more complicated when she discovers she's pregnant.

This steamy standalone novella is the second story in the Mated Lichtens series.


Blind Date with a Vampire

by Evangeline Anderson



Samantha Blythe just got out of an abusive relationship and she just wants to find a nice guy to spend a little quality time with. Too bad the guy she finds happens to be a vampire.

Nate Glover isn’t the right type of guy to be a vampire. He’s not a thousand year old Viking or an ancient Roman or a veteran of the Civil War. Even worse, he’s sexually straight and financially stable–the vampire equivalent of a Republican. Having been ‘brought over’ in 1955, he couldn’t handle being a vampire in the age of McCarthyism and Leave it to Beaver and decided to take a fifty-five year nap. Now he finds himself unable to connect with the women of the twenty-first century on any level more meaningful than a gastronomic one–that is until he meets Sam.

Sam and Nate hit it off, but it isn’t long before they have trouble. Sam’s ex doesn’t want to let her go and it turns out that the Mistress who turned Nate undead in the first place, feels the same way. When Nate’s scheming friend finds out there’s something special about Sam, namely that a taste of her blood increases vampiric power, the new couple are summoned to the capital of Vampire-kind. No, not Transylvania–Miami. Murder, mayhem, and a fight to the un-death ensue as Nate struggles to accept his powers, Sam learns to live with a man who’s a permanent night person, and they both try to bridge the generation gap and find true love in Blind Date with a Vampire



Vampire Bait

By Annie Nicholas


The bait. The backfire. The truth behind their enemy.

Vampire slayer, Connie Bence puts her life on the line for humanity. While she acts as the bait to lure vile vampires into a trap, the rest of the slayers take down the vicious creatures. But one slip of the plan turns the tables and Connie finds herself drugged and kidnapped by the mark she was trying to lure away.

Vampire Overlord, Rurik, makes a deal with his captive–unaware that she is his enemy. Connie must entertain his boss for the evening at a party, and Rurik will ensure her safety. When the slayers crash and slash the party, Rurik keeps his promise, saving Connie from harm. But the slayers are out for blood, and they want Rurik dead. Now, it's up to Connie to save the one person that she's supposed to kill. Can the bait find the heart to protect a vampire?


Emma Edwards

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