Your Friday Reading List – 4/28/17

Storm (Phantom Islanders Book 1, Part I)

Ednah Walters


Reg. Price: 2.99

Pirates no longer roam the seas.
Phantom Islands don’t exist.

Nanny to a wealthy family, eighteen-year old Alexandria “Lexi” Greendale sends most of what she earns home to support her disabled brother. She is determined to help him get the surgery he needs to walk again. Her dreams come to an abrupt halt when she rescues a man from drowning. How does he repay her? Captain Storm Orath abducts her, claims her as his chosen mate, and takes her to a magical island that is centuries behind times with barbaric customs.

For Lexi to make it home to her family, she must fight the lure of the man and the island he controls or stay trapped forever.

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Sold To The Werewolf
Summer Cooper


Reg. Price: 2.99

When the head of biker gang Zare met Jane, he wants her… so he made her an offer she cannot refuse to be his bride! But will Jane be the perfect wife for a werewolf as well as the head of the biker gang?

Sanctuary (Volume 1)
Moira Rogers


Reg. Price: 2.99

Enjoy the first three books in Moira Rogers' popular SANCTUARY world in one easy bundle. A paranormal world full of shifters, witches, vampires and hot romantic suspense. Titles include Cry Sanctuary, Sanctuary Lost, and Sanctuary’s Price.


Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter, Book 1)

by Angie Fox


Southern Spirits (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries Book 1) by [Fox, Angie]When Verity Long unwittingly traps a ghost on her property, she discovers the power to commune with the spirit world. Now Ellis Wydell needs her help evicting some undead tenants, but his estate holds a long-buried secret… An irresistible mystery from a New York Times bestselling author!

First in a series!

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Luna Lodge #1: Sol
Madison Stevens


Sol: #1 (Luna Lodge) by [Stevens, Madison]Reg. Price: 2.99

Erica Scott is good at sniffing out embezzlers, frauds and other financial criminals, or at least she was when she had a job.

After an unfortunate lay-off, her options are limited. One path is to work with a narcissistic creep, her best friend's boyfriend. The other is Luna Lodge, a place controlled by the mysterious hybrids, the super-soldier products of a horrific genetic engineering project.

Sol, a hybrid and the head of security at the lodge, doesn't know how much he can trust Erica. Suspicious that the woman may be a spy for his former masters, the sinister Horatius Group, he is determined to keep an eye on her, but his body wants a lot more than that.

When someone targets the lodge, the suspect list quickly grows. Sol and Erica will have to fight against their burning passion and keep their focus to save themselves and the lodge.

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