Your Friday Reading List – 5/11/18

Your Friday Reading List – 5/11/18

Heartsridge Shifters: Owew
Olivia Arran

Heartsridge Shifters: Owen (The Protectors Book 1) by [Arran, Olivia]Dragon shifter Briana was on the run… and now she’s not. She blames a certain alpha wolf who won’t leave her alone. Obviously, she should haul her glittery butt out of town, but she doesn’t back down from a challenge. The fact that he’s insanely hot? That might help, too.


Dax: House of Flames
Scarlett Grove

Dax: House of Flames (Dragon Warrior Romance) (Dragon Guardians Book 2) by [Grove, Scarlett ]Can a gentle songstress trust a brash dragon warrior with not only her magic…but her heart?

Aria Sparks has always known she is different…her singing can heal the sick and wounded. She'd kept her magic hidden all her life, but when Dax discovers Aria's secret, his graceless ways could ruin everything.


One True Mate 2
Lisa Ladew

One True Mate 2: Dragon's Heat by [Ladew, Lisa]Wolves are cops, dragons don't exist. Until one shows up with a very special power, and he even has a probably one true mate interested in him.


Bad Blood Alpha
Anastasia Wilde

Bad Blood Alpha (Bad Blood Shifters Book 5) by [Wilde, Anastasia]

A lifetime ago, Flynn swore an oath to the House of Al-Maddeiri, to protect their princess with his life. But now she’s back from the dead, bristling with weapons and attitude—and wanting him to honor his promise. Protecting her could cost Flynn everything—or finally give him the happy ending he thought he would never have…


Emma Edwards

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