Your Friday Reading List – 6/1/18

Your Friday Reading List – 6/1/18

Inside Ascension
Amy Proebstel

Inside Ascension: Book Two of the Levels of Ascension by [Proebstel, Amy]What lengths will a young mother go to when trying to find her daughters? When Amanda’s memories return, no obstacle is too big for her as she embarks on an amazing journey of intrigue, mystery, and danger in her search of a portal back to Tuala. Amanda recalls how Tuala is a world filled with magic and mind power, with travel at the speed of thought, and also where the creator of the universe lives with His people. This other dimension happens to be where her daughters have been left behind.


Soldier Snow Leopard
Zoe Chant

Soldier Snow Leopard (Protection, Inc. Book 6) by [Chant, Zoe]True mates on the run.

Both with secrets they've never revealed.

Both sworn never to love.

Justin used to be a hero. Now he's been given special powers at a terrible price, but nothing can awake the protective instincts in his hidden heart … until he meets HER.

Fiona's closest friends know nothing of her dark past. She buries her pain in work … until she meets HIM.


Wild Hearts
Kimber White

Wild Hearts (Wild Lake Origins Book 1) by [White, Kimber]She’s a feisty farmer’s daughter. He’s a young, virile Alpha Wolf. When fate brings them together, it could destroy everyone they love.

It’s 1965 and, farmer's daughter Patricia Bonner is used to her simple, quiet life on Wild Lake. After losing her mother far too young, she's known her duty was to care for her grieving father and little brother. When sexy Alpha wolf, Luke McGraw wanders onto Patricia's farm looking for sanctuary, their intense physical attraction to each other takes them both by surprise. Neither of them can afford to give into it if they want to protect everyone they care about. As a newly risen leader, Luke’s in for a fight if he wants to keep and defend his pack. Loving Luke could threaten Wild Lake and put Patricia’s family in a world of hurt. The pack war of a century is brewing and danger is coming for Luke from all sides. Patricia’s wrenching choice could rip her family and the pack apart.


Mated by Midsummer
Mina Carter

Mated by Midsummer (Stratton Wolves Book 1) by [Carter, Mina]Weddings are awesome, as long as they're not hers. Not so awesome? Facing the Alpha she ran from…

After living for years amongst humans, Kelli Copeland has to go home for her brothers wedding. She's hoping that a decade is enough for pack alpha, Max, to forget her, settle down and have a passel of kids. If she's lucky, he'll be old and grey to boot.

No. Such. Luck.

Alpha werewolf Max Daniels could have the pick of the females in Stratton, but he only wants one woman, the one who ran from him years ago. When he learns Kelli is back in town, he'll do everything in his power to make sure she doesn't leave again. Up to and including kidnapping her… The problem is, he isn't the only wolf in town with an agenda.

This time, Kelli's departure might the permanent kind.


Emma Edwards

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