Your Friday Reading List – 6/22/18

Your Friday Reading List – 6/22/18

Dragon Mount
Jennifer M. Eaton

Dragon Mount: She can save the dragons if he can convince her to stay. A Dragon Shifter Urban Fantasy Romance by [Eaton, Jennifer M.]Things can’t get any worse than being snatched by a dragon, until Anna is dropped into a bloodthirsty battle for the Draconic crown.

USA Today Best Selling Author Jennifer M. Eaton will make you believe Dragons are real!

On what’s supposed to be a fun trip to New Zealand to recover from a painful breakup, Anna is kidnapped and flown away by a mythical beast bent on making her his queen. Anna’s rare blood type makes her the only viable mate in the islands, and with scores of dragons looking for her, escape isn’t likely.

Joe is the youngest and smallest dragon in the competition to become king. Now that he’s found Anna, all he needs to overthrow their tyrannical monarch is to bring her back to Dragon Mount before anyone can challenge his claim. But Joe is injured and unable to fly, and each passing second increases the risk of discovery.

Challenging the king means certain death, but Anna is Joe’s to lose. If the king finds her, he will bathe Dragon Mount in her blood, condemning Joe’s people to seventeen more years of brutal subjugation. The fate of all Draconia rests in the talons of their smallest dragon, and the clock is ticking.

If you love the feels you get from Jennifer L. Armentrout and the paranormal shape-shifting of Talon, you’ll roar for Dragon Mount.


Bear's Surrogate
Sky Winters

Bear's Surrogate (Shifter Surrogate Service Book 3) by [Winters, Sky]The Shifter Surrogate Service is hiring! And this Daddy Bear needs another shifter baby—no strings attached.

Perhaps Hollywood isn’t the only place to find a happy ending.

Lorna came to L.A. with big dreams. She has been obsessed with being an actress forever, and becoming a mother is the last thing she wants. Since she thwarted sexual advances from a scummy movie producer, she has been blacklisted from every production in town. Desperate to pay her rent, Lorna turns to a mysterious surrogate service for work.

Buck Wilson is a big bad bear. A former Hollywood director, he is now a widower living with his daughter in the mountains. Wanting another child to grow up with his daughter, but never wanting to fall in love again, he turns to the Shifter Surrogate Service to find the right blood match.

Will these two find out that the last thing they ever wanted, could be the only thing that saves them?

**This is a novella length 30,000 word, steamy older man younger woman shifter romance.**


His Human Slave
Renee Rose

His Human Slave: An Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Masters Book 1) by [Rose, Renee]“I've been completely blown away by this series” ~The Romance Reviews

She's a human, born into slavery.

Prince Zander bought and paid for her, which means she's his now.
His to use. His to impregnate. Because according to a gene-matching program, she'll produce the best offspring.


Anna Applegate

Protected (Book 1 in the Ariya Adams Trilogy) by [Applegate, Anna]She thinks she’s a normal college Senior. He knows she’s anything but.

Ariya Adams has no idea she’s descended from blood so powerful and rare that her life is infinitely more precious than any ordinary woman’s—especially to James Rymer.

James enters her life and stirs up feelings she can’t explain. He becomes a part of her world almost overnight, but Ariya senses he’s hiding something, and she’s determined to figure out what it is.

When “normal” becomes a thing of the past and fantasy enters Ariya’s reality, she’s soon faced with dangerous revelations, the least of which is that everyone she loves has been keeping secrets from her. With a paranormal evil she’s only beginning to comprehend threatening her and her friends, Ariya will have to choose between duty and love. Through it all, she’ll learn to never underestimate the power of blood.

Read the series fans are calling “captivating,” “page-turning” and “not your typical vampire story.”


Emma Edwards

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