Your Friday Reading List – 7/22/16


by Lyssa Dering


Forty-four-year-old, run-of-the-mill vampire Max lives a mostly solitary existence in an attempt to avoid “vampire drama,” but when he spots abandoned babyvamp Kieran on his way to the club one night, his pesky conscience demands that he rescue him and confront the vampire who turned him. Problem is, Kieran’s creator is Max’s ex-lover James, a power-hungry, older vampire who’s rapidly losing touch with his humanity. James isn’t happy that Kieran tattled on him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Max from divulging his offense to the vampire police. Meanwhile Kieran has set his sights on Max, wanting nothing more than to be under his care for eternity. Too bad Max doesn’t do eternity, even if Kieran is the cutest vamp he’s ever seen.


Lion Lost & Found (Ghost Cat Shifters, Book 2)

by J.H. Croix


Reg. Price: 2.99

A steamy shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA from Amazon Bestselling author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot paranormal romance with a twist of suspense and adventure, you’ll love this series! Heath Ashworth is a mountain lion shifter from a family whose roots go back to the birth of shifters. A strong alpha male and former Marine Special Forces operative, he stumbled and lost his way after a car accident where he barely escaped with his life. After he tangled with the shifter smuggling network, all he wants is live up to the man and shifter he once was. Vivi Sheldon is bold, brash and beautiful. As Heath pulls his life back together, he finds he can’t stop thinking about her. Vivi once harbored a secret crush on Heath and shelved her youthful fantasies when Heath moved away for his military career. In the meantime, her heart took a few bumps and bruises. In a love story filled with passion, steamy romance, suspense and adventure, Heath and Vivi are bound tighter and tighter together as they face down the secrets threatening shifters everywhere.



by Claire Bahr


Hell must be empty because the Spartan Family is gathering in San Diego.
They’re outcast vampires who became a family. They’re more like the Borgias or the Donners than the Windsors and Kennedys. There’s Theo, a Greek from Sparta who looks like he’s just out of his teens but might be the most powerful vampire on earth. The Lady Chi, not even five feet tall with her bound feet is a vampire succubus who’s responsible for more wooden boys than Geppetto. There’s a dark Viking who’s falling for the cashier working at the gas station and a Gypsy who talks to the local coyotes.
Then there’s Dane Kriger, the wickedly beautiful vampire known as the War Dane. He’s never been called civilized and it’s hard to keep clothes on him. He’s over five hundred years old and he’s spent the last hundred years as the slave of a sadistic vampire who’s tortured him, raped him and kept him from his woman. Dane’s had enough. He’s summoning his family together to help him get his life and his Bianca back.



Alpha’s Darkling Bride

by Linda Barlow


It was supposed to be a hot one-night fling…
Montana rancher Cade Derringer wants me naked and vulnerable.
Screw that.
The last thing I need is a dirty-talking, bad boy shifter crashing into my life.
Especially the wolf pack alpha, who never lets me forget that the first time he saw me, I was stark-freaking-bare-assed.
Trouble is, I can’t seem to stop losing my clothes around him.
But that doesn’t mean I like him.
Nor does it mean I’ll obey his sexy, arrogant orders…
Even if I am forced to marry the jerk.
I’ve got no damn use for a wife.
Especially one with dark, mysterious secrets.
I’m a hunter. Chicks like her are my natural prey.
But Jess lights me up with mystic fire every time I nail her.
If she thinks that means we’re fated mates, forget it.
I take what’s mine, but I don’t believe in fairy tales.


Forever Charmed

by Rose Pressey


Halloween LaVeau is descended from a long line of witches. Yes, her name is Halloween. The cosmic universe is definitely playing some kind of sick joke on her. She’s the ultimate witch cliché, complete with a black cat and spooky house. Thank heavens she’s missing the warts and flying broom.
From bestselling author, Rose Pressey, comes Forever Charmed, the first book in an all new series!

When Halloween inherits her great-aunt’s manor, she decides to put the house to good use as a bed-and-breakfast. Her first guest is the sinfully good-looking Nicolas Marcos, but he’s not here for the continental breakfast. Halloween discovers a ratty old book in the attic. It’s written in an unfamiliar language.

Halloween soon learns this is not an ordinary spellbook. The tome brings her a new talent, but her new skills come with a catch. When a rival witch comes after the book, Halloween doesn’t know who to trust–the sexy vampire who says he wants to save the day, or the warlock who says he can destroy the book once and for all.


Beth’s Acceptance

by Tracy Cooper-Posey


Audrey can’t help the fact that she turns into a blubbering fool when she’s around cute guys. She just prays her mouth has a filter, one that doesn’t embarrass her.
Thomas Monroe is drawn to Audrey the moment he lays eyes on her. He’s thrilled when he asks her out and she accepts. There’s just one problem with dating a girl like Audrey. He’s got a secret, a big, furry leopard one.
This 12,000 word story is a standalone with NO cliffhanger.


Emma Edwards

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