Your Friday Reading List – 7/8/16

The Lion Within (Ghost Cat Shifters, Book 1)

by J.H. Croix


Reg. Price
: 2.99

A steamy shifter romance with a guaranteed HEA from Amazon Bestselling author J.H. Croix! If you like smoking hot paranormal romance with a twist of suspense and adventure, you’ll love this series! High in the mountains of Colorado, mountain lion shifters hold rare power among mountain lions and humans, able to live in both worlds at once. Secrecy has kept them safe for centuries. When Daniel Hayes returns to Painter, Colorado after learning he’s a shifter, he encounters the breathtaking and sexy Sophia Ashworth by chance. The lion in him wants her with a force he can’t deny. Sophia is busy trying to hold her family together after her brother almost died in a car accident. While Sophia struggles to help her family mend, Daniel comes face to face with an explosive secret within his own family. As passion stokes a love that can’t be ignored, they find themselves fighting side by side to drive out the danger bubbling from within the shifter community.


 Bound In Blood

by E. M. Moore


Reg. Price: 2.99

Something isn't right in Adams…

As the illusion of a normal functioning home crashes around her ears, Sarah Perkins craves the life she should have had. It's been years since her father's death, but acting as the responsible adult for her ridiculous mother has left Sarah with a burning desire to connect with her past. When she stumbles across a letter from Aunt Rose, a connection in her father's estranged family, Sarah realizes she might have hit the jackpot.

But Adams, Virginia has its own secrets…

Caught in the midst of a centuries old curse and the haunting truth of her father's death, Sarah finds herself on a race against time and magic to unravel the mysteries of the past before time runs out.

Can Sarah find the answers she needs before the curse claims another life? Or will her father's death be for absolutely nothing?

Bound In Blood is a fantastic YA paranormal romance filled with magic and mystery. If you like the work of Alyson Noel, Kami Garcia or P.C. Cast then you won't want to miss this! Join E. M Moore in her newest series The Adams' Witch!


The Sorcerer's Concubine

by Jaclyn Dolamore


Reg. Price: 2.99

Born of wood, cloth, and a substantial dose of magic, Velsa is a Fanarlem, a beautiful artificial girl. Raised to be a concubine, she has seen her friends at the House of Perfumed Ribbons sold off to be the pets of wealthy men. Now her own dreaded day has come. Grau Thanneau is a kind and handsome sorcerer who expects to own a spectacular piece of spellwork–he doesn't realize that everything he has been told about Fanarlem is a lie. Velsa is not a dull-witted doll, but an intelligent and luminous soul who captivates his heart. Neither of them expected to fall in love, in a land where the law will never recognize her as his equal…

When Grau brings Velsa with him as he serves in the border patrol, they encounter odd magic sent from the High Sorcerer's palace–or is it magic at all? War is brewing, and with it, the winds of opportunity. Velsa has powers of her own, powers no Fanarlem girl should have, but when the enemy attacks, she might be the only one who can stand against them.


Dancing Bearfoot

by Zoe Chant


A single dad from the city + his daughter's BBW teacher + a surprise snow storm = a steamy story that will melt your heart.

Patricia works hard to keep her small-town preschool afloat, and the last thing she needs is trouble from the arrogant single father of her newest student. But when the stunningly handsome man captures her heart with a single look, trouble is what's in store.

Big city billionaire bear shifter Lee doesn't believe in soulmates. He's loved and lost before, and he's sure that there's no such thing as a perfect mate… until he meets the golden goddess who teaches his daughter.

When a sudden snowstorm traps them in his mansion, the spark between them catches fire. Lee has to balance his past and present, and somehow tell her his secret – a secret that he never even shared with the wife he lost. With Patricia's help, can his heart learn to dance again?

Dancing Bearfoot is a sweet and sexy standalone BBW bear shifter second-chance romance. No cliffhangers!


Cry Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass #1)

by Moira Rogers


Keith Winston is a soldier who’s tired of fighting. His pack needs him, so he’s come home to Red Rock, Montana in hopes of finding a bit of peace. Instead, he’s sent on a rescue mission, where he finds one delicious complication—Abigail Adler, a new wolf on the run from a corrupt alpha.

Abby feels an instant, primal connection to Keith, one that could become very real—and literal—when he offers to bond with her. Though she’s grateful for the sanctuary she’s found in Red Rock, she can barely wrap her head around what it means to be a werewolf. She’s in no position to take a mate—but the dangerous passion Keith stirs in her won’t be denied.



Dark & Broken Souls

by E.J. King


Kaylie Hart was born into a Hunter family. She grew up in a world filled with monsters and supernatural beings. Two years ago, her entire family was massacred by a group of Dark Souls, also known as vampires. Since then, Kaylie has turned her back on her family's legacy, choosing instead to lead a normal life.

But two Hunter brothers, Rafe and Ethan, force themselves into her life, determined to protect her from what's coming. Just as Kaylie begins to accept that she can't run from her destiny, she learns that secrets are being kept, lies are being told, and promises are being broken. Kaylie’s two worlds have collided and she is forced to face both of her deepest fears- love and loss.


Emma Edwards

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