Your Friday Reading List – 8/10/18

Your Friday Reading List – 8/10/18

Claimed by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates Shifter Romance Series Book 1)
Felicity Heaton

Claimed by her Cougar (Cougar Creek Mates Shifter Romance Series Book 1) by [Heaton, Felicity]Having lost his parents and mate in a brutal attack on his cougar shifter pride by a hunter organisation, Rath burns with a need to keep humans off his land and out of his life. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his pride from them, but when a lone female wanders into his territory, it isn’t a burning need to drive her away he’s feeling and it isn’t his pride that needs protecting—it’s his heart.

Down on her luck, Ivy follows a lead to a spot where she hopes to photograph black bears, but what she discovers there is a mountain of a man who lacks manners and seems determined to drive her off his property—a man who stirs unbidden fire in her veins and a strange sense of home.

With a pride gathering on the verge of happening at Cougar Creek and the air charged with a mating heat, the last thing Rath needs is a human on his land, especially one as beautiful and alluring as Ivy, one who rouses a fierce need to fight for her, but he can’t convince himself to let her go… and that proves dangerous for them both.

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The Undead Detective Bites: Book 1
Jennifer Hilt

The Undead Detective Bites: Book 1 by [Hilt, Jennifer ]Unlucky. Unrelenting. Uncanny.

Silverthorne, like any other vampire, loved a good pandemic. And why not? She’d lived through several of them in the past century. But now she’s playing for the good guys as a medical examiner. A paranormal street drug doing terrible things to her kind creates a different kind of challenge—returning to Nowhere, Nevada where the murderer leaves her a trail of grisly shifter corpses in this hick mountain community where she vowed to never return.

Her suspects? A sumo wrestling sibling, the ex wife of the sheriff (and her former lover) plus her estranged and oh so very psycho vampire maker.

Soon Silverthorne is tracking a killer who wants nothing less than everything she holds dear in her undead life. Good thing paranormal murder most foul is Silverthorne’s specialty.


Huntress Born
Aimee Easterling

Huntress Born (Wolf Legacy Book 1) by [Easterling, Aimee]A missing brother. A family-focused werewolf. An impossible choice.

Ember's large werewolf family has always been both her anchor and her support. But when a missing half-brother draws the twenty-something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her family are tested at every turn.

The milk-chocolate eyes of an off-limits human are the first threat to her pack commitment. Meanwhile, the local alpha is less interested in dark dangers facing human women and more intent upon eliminating his guest's ability to leave his territory ever again.

Can Ember protect innocents and track down her elusive sibling in time, or will the not-so-charming alpha cut off all ties to her home pack?

From the USA Today bestselling author that readers are comparing to Patricia Briggs comes a new urban fantasy novel full of adventure, romance, and danger that will leave readers craving more.

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Digging the Wolf
Steffanie Holmes

Digging the Wolf: a paranormal romance (Wolves of Crookshollow Book 1) by [Holmes, Steffanie]Anna
It’s been five months since my boyfriend was tragically killed in a climbing accident. I didn’t think I was over him … until Luke walked on to the archaeological site.
Tall, dark, sexy, tattooed, funny, dangerous. Everything I want in a man.
But he’s hiding something. He acts strangely in the moonlight. He won’t tell me anything about his life. And I caught him trying to destroy an important find.
My body aches for him, but my heart tells me I’m not ready to make myself vulnerable again, especially not for a guy who isn’t being straight with me.
If only …

Anna Sinclair – archaeologist, geek girl, totally and utterly delectable.
I knew from the moment her intoxicating scent wafted across my wolf senses, she's meant to be mine.
And that knowledge is terrifying.
The last thing I expected was to find my fated mate on an archaeological site. Whenever I’m near her, all I want to do is claim her.
But she’s broken. The last thing she needs in her life is a werewolf out for revenge. I’m here to destroy the site, to keep my family’s past buried forever.

If Anna finds out the truth, she’d never speak to me again.
But I can’t deny the bond between us. I’ll do anything to make her mine.

Digging the Wolf is a standalone paranormal romance by USA Today bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. Read on if you love archaeological mysteries, badass wolves, a broken heroine, and a hero so hot he’ll have you howling for more.


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