Your Friday Reading List – 8/18/17

Your Friday Reading List – 8/18/17

Beauty and the Goblin King
Lidiya Foxglove

Beauty and the Goblin King (Fairy Tale Heat Book 1) by [Foxglove, Lidiya]For the past ten years, the Goblin King has stayed locked away in his caverns. He only opens his doors for one purpose: he will give one gold coin for every night a girl is willing to spend with him. Despite his fearsome reputation, his fangs and claws, the girls come back safe and sound, and they never say a word about it. One must be very desperate to accept such an offer…or very curious. Well, everyone says curiosity has always been my downfall. What will I find when I get there? A man who is cruelly cursed, haunted by a past misdeed? Or the man who will unlock all of my secret desires?

Beauty and the Goblin King is a fairy tale retelling for those who like an adorable happily ever after with a side of serious steaminess!


Bitten by Love: Shifters in Love Romance Collection
Harmony Raines, Olivia Arran, Julia Mills, Alisa Woods, V. Vaughn, Deanna Chase, Jovee Winters, Michele Bardsley, Rinelle Grey, Scarlett Grove, Becca Fanning, Jacqueline Sweet, Chloe Cole, J. K. Harper, Elianne Adams

Bitten by Love: Shifters in Love Romance Collection by [Raines, Harmony, Arran, Olivia, Mills, Julia, Woods, Alisa, Vaughn, V., Chase, Deanna, Winters, Jovee, Bardsley, Michele, Grey, Rinelle, Grove, Scarlett, Fanning, Becca, Sweet, Jacqueline, Cole, Chloe, Harper, J. K., Adams, Elianne]This collection of shifter romance stories is one you don’t want to miss. It’s available for a limited time and features new and loved books from NY Times, USA Today and bestselling paranormal authors. Includes brand new, unpublished work from Deanna Chase, V. Vaughn and Jovee Winters. Grab yours now!


Solan's Mate
Marina Maddix

Solan's Mate: A BBW Shifter Romance (The Last Alphas of Thracos Book 1) by [Maddix, Marina, Rose, Aubrey]Just when life can’t get any worse…it does.

My sisters and I somehow managed to escape the clutches of sex slavers, only to run straight into the arms of monsters. At least, we’d always thought the terrifying wolf shifters inhabiting Thracos were monsters…until they took us in and saved our lives.

Our own people exiled us because of our curves. Wargs love us for them. When the leader of the Valley tribe starts looking at me like I’m the missing piece to his puzzle, I’m not sure what to do. To join their tribe, we must become Wargs ourselves, giving up everything we’ve ever known.

When a nighttime raid by the enemy puts my sisters in danger, I need to make a choice. Do I choose the man I love or the only family I’ve ever known.


First Bite, A Sweet & Sour Mystery
Mac Flynn

First Bite, A Sweet & Sour Mystery (Alpha Werewolf Shifter Romance): urban fantasy paranormal romance by [Flynn, Mac]Trixie Lyal stumbles upon the scoop of a lifetime when her move to a new town takes a detour into the paranormal world of Apple Hollow. She winds up at the local diner where she meets a handsome local by the name of Orion. Cupid stings her heart but not the headlines as strange happenings stir her curiosity.

A quick investigation leads to a long road where she becomes her own headline, and a werewolf. Mob-rule forces her to join the ranks of the town’s residents and her babysitter turns out to be her own handsome Orion. Unfortunately for him, she has plans to escape her scoop and fly the coop. To do that, though, she’ll have to survive the coming wild days of were-people, and her own insatiable lust for a certain devilishly handsome wolf.


Emma Edwards

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