The Gothic Memoirs by Rebekah Armusik


The Gothic Memoirs series is a 13 novel, epic adventure rich with colorful characters, dark secrets, and desperate struggles for redemption.

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The one comment I hear from fans all the time is that I have a very unique and engaging writing style. Poetry will always be my first love – I love flowery, romantic and emotionally charged writing. However, I also adore honest, thought provoking and realistic characters that you can identify with. I love becoming attached and intimate with characters and I believe this translates easily in my work. My fans become so lost and inebriated in the story, that they feel an honest connection to me. And truthfully, I welcome that because my work is such a reflection of who I am. So many of my fans express their surprise about loving my work because they never believed they could enjoy a Gothic series – it was out of their comfort zone.  But because I approach my work with an inviting voice that welcomes all readers into a world that is both intriguing and relatable, they instantly become enveloped in the epic love story.


Book 1: Memoirs of a Gothic Soul
Released:  August 2010

1Nadija Fey is weeks away from graduating college and is eager to escape small city-life. She feels suffocated by her eccentric Slovak family, an abusive ex-boyfriend and a drug addicted childhood friend. To her, life seems empty, lonely and stale. The only consolation she has, is a dream to move to Prague and start a new life. Despite her grandmother’s warnings, and the pleas of friends and family to stay, she embarks on her journey to find herself. But to her dismay, Prague seems to harbor more pain and suffering than she anticipated. She is forced to accept a life she would have never chosen for herself—a life her grandmother fought desperately to shield her from. Nadija quickly finds herself caught in a celestial world struggling to maintain its delicate balance—a balance contingent on her acceptance of her destiny. And though she finds the love she has always desired, it comes with and awful price—her life. In the first of her epic thirteen book series, author Rebekah Armusik captivates the reader with rich language and colorful characters. In Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Armusik successfully redefines the Gothic novel and resurrects the sensuality, mysticism, and allure of the classic vampire with an unexpected twist.


Book 2: Mariposa
Released:  October 2011

2At the closing of Memoirs of a Gothic Soul, Nadija Fey underwent a transformation to save her life. That ending of her mortal life is just the beginning in Mariposa, Book 2 of the Gothic Memoirs series. Though immortal, Nadija is no less of an enigma to those around her. She is the first Guardian to accept the gift of immortality, leaving the celestial council panicked and on edge. Some fear her new gifts may threaten the already-tilting balance, while others, like her Guardian sisters, find her transformation promising. One thing is for certain – her ascension to the position of queen has great significance, but she will have to stay true to being the Nadija that everyone loves her for. Mariposa goes deeper into the epic story and unravels all you know about legends, theology, and history, blending them all into a cohesive map of the delicate balance Nadija is now responsible for maintaining. There are darker secrets, mysterious creatures, and evil surrounds her at every turn. Never has an author taken you through such a range of emotions with such passion and intrigue… Mariposa will challenge all you know about good and evil.


Book 3: Lucifer Rising
Released June 2012

3Lucifer Rising, the third novel of the Gothic Memoirs series, reopens the epic tale with startling revelations about the past that leave Nadija staggering. Some of the long-suppressed secrets leave her disappointed and resentful of those she once thought were loyal to her and her throne.

Though disappointed, Nadija continues to secretly plot to rearrange council and assist the Vlkolak in their rise to power. In a series of strategic and surprising political moves, Nadjia begins to unravel the secrets that could potentially keep the Vlkolak king from taking back his throne.






Book 4: Vlkolak King
Released:  October 2012

4In the fourth novel of the epic Gothic tale, Nadija finds herself in the middle of an imminent war just as she’s planning her much-anticipated wedding to Alexei. Struggling to keep her family safe and her opposition at bay, Nadija begins to feel the pressure of her throne and destiny.

As time ticks away before she has to give Lucifer his answer and the Vlkolak struggle to regain power and respect, Nadija is forced to make political decisions that will incite more dissent than ever.







Book 5: In the Shadows of Eden
Released: August 2013

5In the fifth novel of the epic Gothic tale, Saint Michael returns all memories and graces to Nadija and Alexei. As they voyage into the past, they remember all the secrets buried deep within the shadows of Eden that bolstered the angels’ epic fall. Armed with this new knowledge, they prepare for battle as they discover even more disquieting revelations, sickening deceit, and hidden treasures.









raFrom a young age, Rebekah Armusik was a gifted and dramatic writer. By the tender age of ten, she was writing poetry and short stories that were inspired by her grandmother's tales of Slavic folklore. Even then, her poetry was rich and romantic, and it was soon apparent that Rebekah had a unique insight into the human condition — along with a style all her own. Surrounded by a culture with rich tradition, colorful family members, there was never a lack of inspiration or encouragement.

Following private school, she attended King's College, where she majored in literature. Shortly after graduation she began writing Memoirs of a Gothic Soul. At first, the novel was more of an autobiographical project that centered on her eccentric Slovak family but before long, Rebekah's love of the romantic vampire began to change the direction of the novel and the series. At the same time, Rebekah met Eric Armusik, a romantic realist painter who had just returned from studying in Italy. The courtship was fast, and after several dates, the couple announced they planned to marry. And so, for love, the series was put on hold.

After several years remodeling their Victorian home and starting a family, Rebekah went back to work on her novels. Working from the original layout of thirteen books, she began feverishly re-working the tale. In August 2010, Memoirs of a Gothic Soul was released on the independent publishing label Lady Noir to great reviews, and she quickly established a loyal fan base eager to read more. Book 2: Mariposa was released October 2011, Book 3: Lucifer Rising in May 2012, Book 4: Vlkolak King was released on October 2012 and her highly anticipated fifth installment, Book 5: In the Shadows of Eden was released August 1 2013.

Rebekah’s novels have been best sellers in the Gothic romance, supernatural and paranormal fiction categories on She has been featured in numerous publications including Gothic Beauty Magazine, The Weekender, Victorian Homes Magazine, Old House Journal and The Reading Eagle.

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