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Win A 3-Month Subscription To + Paperback Books by Evie Wilde!

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(Enchanted Academy Book Two)
by Evie Wilde

When there are four of them, and one of me, we can’t have any secrets…

I need to focus on improving my magic. And having four delicious men can make things… complicated. Especially when Kyler is distracted by Sonny, a mysterious friend from his past. Through Sonny we’re all learning Kyler’s secrets, some of which I wish I didn’t know.

But as a group, we have bigger fish to fry. Archmage Edius is making moves, and if we don’t study hard, he’s going to best us.

Maybe he already has. At the Fall Festival, a mass poisoning screams of his evil handiwork.

No matter how strong I’m becoming, I need my men to strive for more so we can defeat him, for good. The chemistry between us is electric, now I just need my magic to follow suit. Oliver, Braeden and Dash are all hitting the books, but Kyler’s gifts are different. And in the end, he’ll have to make a choice.

I don’t know what I’ll do if he doesn’t choose us. For now, I have to believe he will.

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Excerpt from A History of Hexing:

A low rumble came from Kyler’s stomach, and he quickly laid a hand across his mid-section. “Dinner at our place. Give me twenty minutes and I’ll whip something up. Maybe something French.”

“Or maybe we order pizzas and have them delivered.” Dash reached into his pocket and pulled out forty-dollars. “Three larges should do the trick.”

“I’m game.” I never passed on pizza. “Double pepperoni for me.”

“Breadsticks,” Oliver added. “And garlic butter.”

Braeden gently grabbed my arm. “I thought we could go back to the dorm and check-in on the guild. See if there’s any news.”

Dash nodded at Kyler and Oliver, and the three moved ahead.

“We can do that later tonight,” I said. “We should have pizza with the guys.”

“Cass.” Braeden was holding onto a hope I couldn’t grasp. “It’s our guild.”

“I know, Brae.” I pointed at the three guys. “So do they. They know today it’s been three months. The pizza is to help us get our minds off the tragedy for a little while and try to have fun. And believe me, there isn't a day that doesn’t go by without me thinking about the guild and what happened.” I didn’t want him to think I didn’t care, because I did. Everything we did all
summer, the hard work, I did to someday set things right, meaning destroying Edius. “It’ll be fine.” I put my hand around Braeden’s.

“We’ll even the score, Cass. It’s now my single goal in life.”

“Just remember, we can’t fight with anger.” It was a mantra I was trying to live by. “That’s what Edius wants. And we need to fight as a team. No going rogue.”

The other guys slowed as we approached the dorm. “Do you guys really think we have what it takes to defeat Edius?” Braeden asked. “Or any of his henchmen?”

Dash placed his hand on the door but waited to open it. “Based on all the training we did this summer, yeah, I think we’re close. Really close.”

“I spoke to Aurelius,” Kyler said. “Last night at dinner. He thinks we’re all close. When the time comes we’ll be ready.”

We entered the dorm building and started up the stairs, and I watched Braeden, knowing something was bugging him. I grabbed his elbow, and the two of us fell back. “Don’t even think about it, Braeden. You do not go after Edius without me and the others.” I studied his face, still not happy with his demeanor. “Promise me, Braeden.”

Braeden’s eyes narrowed as he stared ahead.


“Okay. But I don’t like all this waiting around. We haven’t even been back to the guild to see the damage for ourselves. What about your house? What about mine?” He stopped at the top of the stairs. “I can’t promise you how long I'll sit back and let someone else do what we should be doing.” He entered Dash and Kyler’s room without me.

“Everything okay?” Dash asked, joining me.

I wasn’t sure, so I shrugged. “I get it. I know why he’s upset. It’s hard sitting around, knowing what happened to our home.” I looked away and realized it was the second time we’d lost our home. “I’m afraid of what he might do if the academy waits too long to send us out to find Edius.”

“We’ve got his back just like we’ve got yours. We all know if Edius isn’t stopped soon, our guilds may be next, and none of us want that. Give me a chance to talk to Braeden, and I’ll let him know we’re here for both of you.”

“Thanks, Dash.” I kissed him on the lips, thankful the door between us and them was closed.

Dash gently moved back from the kiss and patted my ass. “Let’s go before we make a side stop.”

Meet Author Evie Wilde

Evie Wilde is the pen name for two authors who love all things paranormal. After spending hours discussing their favorite magical romances, they decided to write some together.

One attends law school, while the other is a work-at-home mom with a houseful of kids, but they both love sexy men with a gift for magic and making their mate’s happiness their number one priority.

Interview with Evie Wilde:

Q:  Hi, please introduce yourselves!

Evie: We are two authors who write reverse harem romance. I live in Texas…

Wilde: And I live in Brazil right now.

Evie: And right now we’re both in quarantine like most people trying to avoid the coronovirus.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

Wilde: I always played around writing stories. You know, when I was a little kid. A few years ago I got a job working for a big publisher, and I started writing fiction on the side.

Evie: I was a lifestyle blogger before this, then once I dipped my toe into fiction, I quit the blog and started writing romance.

Q: How did you two meet?

Evie: We met on Facebook. We became Facebook friends. Then started talking, and we got along really well.

Wilde: Yes, and then we started talking about reverse harem, and we both kept having all these great ideas for reverse harem books.

Evie: It started out as fun, but then once I realized I didn’t have time to really start a new pen name, I got kinda depressed.

Wilde: So I suggested we write the books together.

Evie: And that’s what we’ve been doing. The writing goes a lot faster having a writing partner. We have a lot of fun!

Q: Why paranormal? What drew you to the genre?

Wilde: I’ve always been a big fan of paranormal. I love vampires. Ever since Twilight.

Evie: I loved True Blood, but I think I like shifters better. But really, it’s the magic involved that we both love.

Q: For those who are new to your books, what is the story about?

Wilde: The Enchanted Academy books are about a girl who is a talented witch, but she has a hard time getting it together. At the beginning, she’s a bit of a mess.

Evie: Then she has to go to the Academy to learn to harness her powers, and she meets four very different guys who all challenge her in some way. And they all have to fight an evil mage who is stealing witches’ powers.

Q: Where can our readers find you? (Social media, website, etc.)

Wilde: You can find us here:
Facebook Page:
Amazon Author Page:
FREE Book when you sign up for our newsletter:

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Evie: We would love to invite people to join our reader group – Evie’s Wilde Bunch Facebook Group: Evie’s Wilde Bunch

Thank you, ladies!


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