Vegenance, Hunger and Love with Hunted By Lorenz Font

Hunted, Book One of The Gates Legacy by Lorenz Font

Deep in the heart of New York City’s netherworld, the Vampire Council is on a crusade to obliterate the city of infected vampires. Harrow Gates is target Number One. Harrow unknowingly spread a disease the moment he sunk his fangs into his first victim. The world he'd been thrust into was cold, cruel and intent on eradicating him, and the legions of afflicted vampires he created.

Feeding and satisfying his hunger had become an enormous challenge with the bounty hanging over his head. With the inability to feed in a timely manner, his lesions grew remarkably hideous and painful. Constantly running for his life, he had to learn new tricks to survive. Opportunity came knocking in the form of Pritchard Tack, a multi-billionaire, who had an agenda of his own. Pritchard not only gave Harrow a new beginning, but a purpose and a chance to rectify the chaos he created in the vampire world.

In this new life, Harrow learns that danger not only comes in the form of death, but in the name of Jordan. And a dangerous little emotion—hope.

Jordan, a reluctant new vampire, is also woman on a mission. Her vocabulary only consists of two words—Kill and Revenge. This is a path curved after the demise of her family at the hands of Goran, the ruthless leader of the Vampire Council, and her ultimate transformation.
Embattled by dead-ends she faced of ever finding the monster, Jordan stumble upon the underground facility she suspect to house the man she was looking for.

Jordan fought against her growing fondness of the facility’s inhabitants. That is, until a man wearing a pair of dark lenses unsettles the hardened female. Once again, she trembles and hungers for something other than red-stained revenge. Is love strong enough to override hate-filled vengeance?

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Excerpts from Hunted:

“There really isn’t a second scenario, we’re dead set and conceptually right about the first one.” Pritchard chuckled. Harrow hissed under his breath, unable to control his hunger any longer. “You need to feed. I know Tor rudely interrupted your dinner. Intel confirms that needle in your pocket, meant you’re not advocating the spread of the disease, am I right?”

Harrow shuddered before nodding. His could feel his strength fading and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. This human, in all of his infinite wisdom, should give him his neck and be done with.

“I know what you’re thinking Harrow,” Pritchard laughed without humor. “I’m not the enemy here, or your dinner. I will take you to a cell for now, where you will be fed donated blood until we find a cure for that ailment.  Neither of you are prisoners here, but until we are certain that you’re not a threat to us humans, you will not be allowed to move around freely.”

Pritchard rose to his feet. “Follow me,” he told Harrow.

“What about these damn cuffs on our leg, we’re not animals you know.” Tor said and his voice thundered through the room.  He was already up on his feet and facing off with Lambert, who was sporting a push dagger, notably of Dangeran material.

“They are trackers, in case you are out there,” Lambert motioned with his hand. “We will know how to find you.”

“Just like we’re dogs, right?” Tor said distastefully.

“Yes, but very special dogs,” Lambert said, taunting as he grabbed Tor’s elbow and shoved him forward to follow Pritchard and Harrow.  They were already walking down the long corridor that eventually led them to a windowless suite. The furnishings were top-rated, lavish to be exact. There were two king-sized beds, a state of the art sound system sitting next to a giant television, expensive looking art adorned the wall, and plush carpeting to boot.


The loneliness gnawed at him hard. He had gone to visit his family several times over the course of the following years and had witnessed firsthand the sorrow in their faces when they thought they’d lost him. He watched his parents from the shadows and saw their hearts were broken, not knowing what had become of their son. Eventually, they passed away, and Harrow felt loneliness like a knife speared permanently in his heart.

He was indeed a freak, as he’d been branded by Tor, but not for the reason Tor had concluded. Harrow was a vampire with a conscience, a disease, and a shaky future ahead of him. He was fucked — as fucked as he could get.


“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Jordan roared, her amber eyes blazing with unspoken fury. Harrow gritted his teeth as he tried to break from her hold. She was strong, he had to give her that, and she’d had the element of surprise on her side. Harrow felt his breath sputter when she pressed her knees harder. He wouldn’t dare strike a woman, but desperate situations called for extreme measures, so he did something he thought might work.

Mustering enough power despite the choking sensation spreading across his body, he moved his hand quickly before she could react, and the ball of his palm smacked her right across her forehead in between her eyes. The loud crackle of bone meeting bone resonated in the room, and Jordan stumbled back, her knee releasing Harrow’s neck. With a quick acrobatic move, Harrow jumped to his feet. Jordan recovered at once and poised herself to attack.

They faced off, lips curling back to expose their fangs and their growls reverberating in the small room. They circled, moving from side to side, sizing each other up.

“You’re a lousy people-person,” Harrow said.


“Why talk about me when we can talk about you? You seem to have an interesting background. All fired up, guns a-blazing. You’re beautiful, feisty, and fiercely determined. What could be a better story than that?”

Did she just hear him say she was beautiful? Jordan felt fluttering deep in her stomach at the undisguised compliment. God, this was so juvenile. In her present position, she shouldn’t be acting all giddy just because someone had complimented her.

“It’s not something I enjoy rehashing. Mind if we talk about something else?”

Harrow chuckled, an honest–to-goodness laugh that emanated from deep in his throat. “The woman wants to talk. Yippee.”


“I know you won’t hurt me.” She kept her voice low and held his arm. He was burning hot, and she felt like her hands would melt on contact. Harrow rested his arm on his thigh as she tried to keep her hands steady.

Harrow drew in a deep breath before exhaling with a curse. “Hurry up, Jordan.”

Once she stuck the needle into his skin, Harrow hissed and began twitching again. After she filled the evacuated collection tube with blood, she quickly pulled out the needle and applied a little pressure to the entry site with her finger before taping it up.

“Get out now!” he screamed. “Now!”

Before she stepped away, she held his gaze briefly and whispered the words she’d been dying to tell him.


Our review of Hunted:

I know that there are as many ways to look at vampires as there are people on this earth but I can honestly say I never thought of it the way Ms. Font presents it. She opens an entirely new world where vampires are pretty much ignored, if known about at all by humans. From the first scene I was entranced by Harrow and his unwillingness to succumb to a terrible virus he has had since he was first changed into a vampire. No matter how horrible his life has become and even though he is hunted by the Vampire Council because of his illness, he still holds to his humanity, his conscience, and his will to live. He carries around so much guilt that he has even found a way to keep from spreading the “virus” to any other vampires. He is a truly humble hero.

Then enters Jordan, who quickly becomes the love of his life and someone he cannot live without. Jordan is a kick ass no holds barred vampire out for blood and vengeance against the vampire that killed her parents and made her what she is today. The circumstances of their meeting is what makes this book the most different from any other book of this genre. Pritchard Tack is an incredibly wealthy man, whose wife and daughter were turned into vampires and then contracted the virus. Not long after his wife committed suicide. From that moment forward Pritchard decided to search for the cure to the virus. He has set up an incredible facility where research into the cure is done. He abducts and then befriends infected vampires as well as uninfected vampires to add in the research of the virus!  Pritchard really is an incredible guy that has everyone's best interests at heart. As the story progresses this rag tag bunch of misfits all come together to form an incredible “family” that even though they are unaware are battling the very cruel, very evil Vampire Council.

Speaking of the Vampire Council, no paranormal vampire story is complete without an incredible evil to fight and believe me Ms. Font has created a big, bad, horrible villian in the leader of the Vampire Council, Goran and his son, Demetrius. As if that was not enough evil, there is also the leader of his harem and first wife, Melissa. Suffice it to say this story is an amazing balance of good and evil and love and hate.

Another difference between this story and others of its kind is the path the romance between Harrow and Jordan takes. It is incredibly sensual and stirs up an incredible heat without the use of explicit language or descriptions. This incredible love affair, that you believe will endure all, stays true to the incredible character depth Ms. Font has built into the hero and heroine. You can feel the incredible struggle they both go through to realize, come to terms with and act upon their amazing love. It only adds to the great suspense and action of the entire book.

I have only touched on a few of the incredible points of this book, so you should grab it as soon as you can read it from cover to cover! The best part is, it is the first in the series! The next features two great secondary characters from this book and I cannot wait to see where Ms. Font takes this great adventure!


About the author

lorenz-fontLorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. Hunted, the first book of The Gates Legacy trilogy, is her debut novel. Written in forty-five days, the grueling writing schedule was a personal challenge, even though she thought it was madness at first.

She enjoys dabbling in different genres with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories.

She currently lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. Lorenz spends most of her free time writing while also working as a Business Office Manager for a skilled-rehabilitation hospital.

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