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Carpathian Blood michelle hoefle

Michelle Hoefle is the author of a hot new series, the first book being Carpathian Blood which was released on 2nd February.

About Carpathian Blood

A Carpathian Blood Novel follows Mackenzie Hilton into a Terranian vs. Vampyre War. Will Vlad be her salvation or her damnation?

Mackenzie travels to Romania to begin a new life with her younger brother, Alain. She doesn't plan on being a meal for a vampire. When her rescuer reveals himself, she wants no part of his life or his war, but her traitorous heart has other ideas. The dark and dangerous Vlad wants her for himself and will stop at nothing to possess her heart and soul. However, after a brutal attack, can their love conquer the challenges which face them? Click here to view Carpathian Blood on Amazon >>

Interview with Michelle Hoefle

Firstly, tell us about your book/series.

I have written a series about an extraterrestrial race of beings that crash landed on Earth in the Carpathian Mountains in 1293 AD. Because of Earth's oxygen rich atmosphere they must drink animal blood from living hosts to survive. They thrive and are integrated into human society in present times, albeit secretly. They are called Terranians after their home planet Terra. There are seven ruling warriors of Terra left and they, along with their soldiers, fight vampires. Vampires are born by a Terranian or half-Terranian drinking a human to death and absorbing the soul, which turns them truly evil. My books incorporate the Terranian vs. Vampire war into the lives of the warriors and their chosen mates. They must face trials and complications with love being victorious.

What are you working on at the moment?

The first four books of the series have been accepted for publication, so I am currently working on the fifth book. It is Paresh's story and the first time my warrior is a female. It is very different writing from a female perspective.

What inspired you to become a writer?

I have to say my love of reading made me want to write. My mother used to read to me at bedtime, then as I got older she and I would read Steven King and Dean Koontz together. It was our escape from the real world. She instilled in me a love of reading. From that, my brother and I wanted to work on a book together, but when he had to leave, he inspired me to write one on my own.

How long have you been writing?

I have only been writing professionally for about four months now.

What is your relationship with your characters? Do you have a favourite? Is there one that you find a bit more difficult?

I would say my favorite character is Lotris. He is the lead hero in book two, Lotris' Blood which will be out May 1, 2013. He is funny, sexy, and has the largest build of all the male warriors.  I haven't had a difficult character yet, but if I do, it will probably be Heltra. She's prickly, sassy, and pushy, but emotionally closed off. I think her book will be a challenge.

Is there anything that you find challenging about being a writer?

During writers block episodes, I get very challenged. I have found that vegging out in front of the TV for a day or reading a favorite book helps clear my writers block.

Do you write freehand at all or straight onto your pc?

I type directly into Word on the PC. My thoughts go so fast that I would never get them right if I tried to write freehand.

Do you have a strict writing routine/word count per day?

Not at all. I have found that if I try to push it or force more words out, I end up deleting it because it is drivel.

Is there one question that you wish that you would be asked in an interview? If so, what is it and what’s the answer?

What is your favorite drink of choice? Margaritas! I plan to drink at least two on release day to toast the occasion!

What do you think causes people’s enduring fascination with vampires?

The whole vampire lore is based in factual history. Legends have been created about real people and places. Those legends and beliefs have survived until today. Not many things endure like that. I think vampires have endured because of the mystery and sensuality of the stories and legends.

Do you have any plans to write in a different genre in the future?

I love reading paranormal romance, so I plan to stick with it in my writing as well.

Are you also an avid reader? What are you reading at the moment?

I am and have recently re-read the Black Dagger Brotherhood Novels by J.R. Ward. She is an awesome writer and I am an avid fan.

Doctor Who has just arrived in his Tardis. He puts you charge of the time machine, what would you do?

Definitely go back in time to the middle ages to check out Vlad Tepes for real. I would be curious how much is myth and how much is man.

The vampires are attacking! Grab the first thing you see to your right and hit them with it! What was it? And how do you think you did in the ensuing fight?

My glass of diet coke, I'm screwed!

The afore mentioned vampire attack didn’t go so well and you were bitten by the vampire…now what?

Since vampires only change you after draining you almost dry, I crawl away to my front door. When I open it wide, there stands Vlad, the leader of the warriors. He leaps over me and engages the vampire in a bloody fight. Vlad emerges victorious as he plunges his silver dagger into the black heart of the vampire. The vampire starts to shrivel and mummify, its blood and tissue reacting to the silver in the dagger. Vlad rushes over to me and licks the wound, sealing the skin closed….Whew! Close call.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse what item would you make sure that you took with you to your underground safety bunker? (we will presume that your family are already safely in the bunker!)

It would have to be a sawed off shotgun with lots of ammo. Everyone knows zombies eventually always break in to your underground bunker.

You are planning an awesome dinner party. Which 3 celebrities/fictional characters/historical figures (past or present) would you add to your guest list?

I would invite Jesus, Vlad Tepes, and Clint Eastwood. There's probably a joke that starts this way, but those three would definitely be there!

Can you give us five random facts about yourself? 

1. I used to bite my nails so bad, they would bleed at times.
2. I am terrible with managing money
3. I consider myself weird
4. I never thought I would be published…ever
5. I love my daughters more than my own life

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Don't write for money or fame, write because you love it and have a story to tell.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for becoming a reader and liking my books. I am so glad to be able to tell a story and share a piece of fantasy with you.

About Michelle

michelle hoefleMichelle Hoefle lives in Lake Panasoffkee, FL with her mother, her brother, her two aunts, four dogs, and three cats. You could say that she has a large family. She has two beautiful daughters who currently live in Michigan and are now on their own journeys in life. She is forty-five years young and her hobbies include reading and woodcarving.

Her inspiration for reading and writing comes from her mother. Her mom used to read bedtime stories when she was little, but she also read her works of Steven King and Dean Koontz when she got older. It was their special time together away from reality. Michelle has always enjoyed reading and thought about trying her hand at writing many times, but just never sat down to do it. With her daughters now grown and life a bit more settled, she revisited her love of writing with her brother's encouragement. It is turning out to be an exciting and fun journey to write the books and now see them published.

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